#7: He uses you to make his ex jealous (Part 1)

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Liam: "Hey, [Y/N]?" Liam asks you. He's been your best friend for as long as you remember, but you've always secretly crushed on him. "Would you, maybe, uhm. Like to go on a date with me tonight?" He asked, blushing. "I'd love to!" You smiled. "Why don't we go downtown together?" He asked. "At 7?" You smiled. "That sounds absolutely wonderful!" You couldn't stop laughing. You went home and got ready for your very first date with the boy you'd had feelings for your entire life. 7 finally arrived, and your hair was perfectly curled, and you were wearing makeup, which you usually didn't around him. "You look.. stunning." He said, shocked. "Thanks!" You blushed. You two took the train downtown and were walking around for awhile aimlessly. Liam continued to look around, as if he were looking for something. "What are you looking for?" You asked. "Erm, nothing! Do you want to go shopping?" He asked. "Sure! There's a Forever 21 down a few blocks, let's go-" You started. "Let's go in here!" He interrupted, pushing you inside a small accessory store. He grabbed your hand. You were happier than ever, you finally had the guy of your dreams. "Wow, these earrings are so pretty, [Y/N]. They match your beautiful eyes." He said loudly, looking around. Something was going on. "Oh.. thanks." You blushed. "Hey Liam." You see Liam's ex girlfriend behind the counter. "Wow, Danielle, I didn't even know you worked here!" He said. Liam was a terrible actor. You let go of his hand and shoved the earrings back at him. "You used me? Screw you." You said and ran out of the store, crying.

Niall: You two were best friends, and you are a total tomboy. When the new superhero movie came out, you were both dying to see it. You walked inside and were waiting in line to buy tickets, when suddenly Niall started acting weird. He kept looking at someone, but everytime you turned around to look, he tried to say something to grab your attention. "I'm really glad you came with me tonight." He says, taking your hands. You were confused, Niall was your best friend! Did he really have feelings for you, like you secretly had for him? "Uhm, yeah, that's what friends are for!" You said. He suddenly pulled you closer,and kissed your cheek. "Niall, what are you doing?" You asked. "I just.. I've realized how much I like you, [Y/N]." He said, still looking around. "You're acting really strange..." You said. "I-I just didn't really know how to say it. I like you." He says, inches away from your face. "Actually, Niall, I like you too. I always have." You admitted. "Niall?" A girl came from behind you. "Oh, hey, Kelsey." He said, trying to be cool. Kelsey, his ex girlfriend? He'd told you so much about her. "I'm just here with my-" He started. "Ex best friend." You said sharply, dropping his hands, and ran out of the cinema.

Louis: You two were spending the day at the beach. You took off your clothes, revealing yourself in only your bikini. "How do I look?" You struck a cheesy model pose. He rolled his eyes. "Ugh, terrible." He said then smiled and pushed you. "Jerk!" You laughed and chased after him. He suddenly stopped and looked in the direction of the paparazzi snapping pictures of you two. "Hey, is that guy's camera say Star magazine?" He asked. You squinted. "Yeah. Why?" You asked. He shrugged. "No reason." Then he looked at you as if he got an amazing idea. "But really, though. You look hot in your swimsuit." He said. "What?" You asked, confused. He came closer and wrapped his arms around your waist. "I think you're beautiful." He said, and looked back in the direction of the cameras. "Well, uh. Thanks.." You whispered, and he leaned in and kissed you. You kissed him back, realizing how much you liked him. He broke away to breathe, and looked back at the cameras. "Why do you keep looking over there?" You asked, looking at the Star guy. Star Magazine. Louis' ex girlfriend worked for the magazine, it all made sense now. "Oh.. I get it. Cool." You stepped away from him and walked out of the beach, taking your car and his ride home, but you made sure to give him the finger first, so the paps could get a shot.

Zayn: You guys went to a party together, as friends, of course. You were talking to a guy, when Zayn suddenly grabbed you. "Hey!" I was talking to him." You said as he dragged you to the other side of the room, sitting on the couch. He pulled your waist down so you were sitting on his lap. "What are you doing?" You asked. He seemed distracted, like he was focusing on someone else. "I-I saw you with that guy," He stuttered "and I got really jealous. I like you, [Y/N]." He said, and quickly pressed his lips on yours. You pulled away. "What?! Really?" You asked, surprised. "Yes!" He laughed and kissed you again. You opened your eyes and saw him staring across the room again. You finally pulled away and looked over, to see his ex girlfriend dancing with some guy. "Seriously, Zayn?" You jumped off his lap. "Wh-what?" He asked. You rolled your eyes. "Fuck you."

Harry: He was going to a red carpet event, and could only bring one guest. When he asked you, you were in total shock. "Really? Me?" You asked. "Yes, you!" He laughed. You got all glammed up, wearing a short black, sparkly dress. When you walked down the stairs, Harry was waiting there in a tux, just like in a movie. "You look... beautiful." He said, jaw dropped. You blushed. "Good enough to stand next to all of these gorgeous celebrities?" You asked. "You'll be the prettiest one there." He said. When you two got there, you were having laughs and a good time, but then Harry started acting weird. "What's wrong?" You whispered. "Nothing." He smirked, and grabbed your waist. "I'm just... going crazy over you right now. You look so hot." He whispered in your ear. You two posed for pictures and he pulled you so close you could barely breathe. You two got inside and he brought you to the side. "I'm so attracted to you, [Y/N]. You're so beautiful, I really like you." He said and leaned in to kiss you. After awhile you pulled away, blushing. He still seemed off, like he was distracted with somebody else. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed your cheek. "Oh, hello, Harry." His ex girlfriend, Caroline approached you two. "Hey, I didn't know you'd be here." He smirked. You couldn't believe this. You pulled away from him. "Why don't I just give you some alone time." You snapped and ran into the bathroom, holding back the tears.

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