#10: What He Does When You Cry

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Harry: "Oh, no, no, no," Harry murmured quietly when he walked in the front door, seeing your frame curled up on the couch. He kicked off his shoes and hopped over the back of the couch, pulling you gently into his lap and rocking you back and forth. He lets you bury your face in his neck and grip his tee shirt, not caring if you leave tear stains on it. He holds you close and kisses you gently until your tears subside and you calm down, Harry's embrace almost lulling you to sleep.

Niall: "Come on, baby girl," Niall walks into the bedroom where you're crying, "We're going out." "Out?" You sit up, surprised, and he just smiles. He picks out a dress for you and helps get you ready, your mind preoccupied from whatever was making you upset with the intrigue of this mystery date. Niall takes you out to your favorite restaurant for drinks and dancing, romancing away whatever it was making you sad.

Liam: "Oh...," Liam gets quiet when he sees you tear up in the middle of an argument, "Please, please don't." He rushes over to you and covers your face in kisses. First your forehead, then your nose, your cheeks, the corners of your mouth, until finally landing on your lips. He gets so concerned when you cry, he almost cries himself. His tender kisses and the concern in his eyes taking away any cause for your tears.

Louis: Surprisingly enough, Louis doesn't always try to make you laugh when you're upset. Sometimes he does, but when he knows that you're genuinely upset, he almost treats you like an infant. Not in a bad way, he just tenderly tries to stay aware of your needs, whether that be a nap, or some food, or just cuddles. He waits on you, making sure that your world stays perfect as possible until you calm down.

Zayn: Zayn kisses you when you cry. Not like little, soothing pecks, but a real kiss. He'll stride over to you, tangling his hands in your hair and crashing his lips to yours. He'll kiss you passionately, putting all of his worry and concern for you into this one moment, leaving you breathless and dizzy.

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