"wait not here!" smut

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Kazuha x heizou ft. Scara, xiao, venti, aether

All of the anemo boys were hanging out in kazuhas house..
Both kazuha and heizou were together sitting on the couch in the living room while scara and aether were in the kitchen doing smth, for xiao and venti they were outside for some fresh air..

Kazuha sighed.. Then put his arm around heizous shoulder..

"So l was thinking.. Should we do it?"

Heizou got red as a tomato when he hears that.. He instantly get what he meant by "it"

"No- wait! Just not here yk-?"

Kazuha cuts him off

"So what..? I'm already hard.."

"Wtf. Just for your information you do not need to say that to me.."

Heizou did not expect that kind of reply from kazuha.. Until then.. He just does it and turns kazuha around pinning him to the couch

"If you really want this fine.."

He takes his pants off and his boxers.. And does the same to kazuha and didn't hesitate to put it in slowly.

"Ah~! Fuck you really have to remind me when you are not going to put it slow-"

Heizou instantly goes in a fast pace

"Ah~ Ngh~ fuck~!!"

Kazuha seems to enjoy this quickly.. You could even tell it from his moans

Heizou quickly covers his mouth, putting his middle and ring finger inside his mouth..

"Hmf~ agh~!"

Kazuhas moans were muffled but it was loud..

"Kaz just be quiet for me.. Or I'm just going to be faster instead."

Muffled moans was still coming from kazuha and he tries to say smth

"Hmh~! Anhh~!.. W-waitt! Ahhh~.. D-dont-"

Heizou goes faster now

"Ahhh~!! Ngh~ hmfff~!!"

Kazuha keeps moaning in pleasure and enjoyment

After what it seems to be an hour but it's actually like some many minutes or smth..

"Fuck fuck fuck.. I'm gonna come.."

"Hmmff~!! P-plea-please~! Agh~ d-dont your.. Getting rou-rough on me~!"

Kazuha just says smth like he does not enjoy it but his moans of pleasure and enjoyment ain't seeing signs of it

"Fuck I'm gonna.."


Heizou came inside of kazuha


He takes it out and it was a wholeeee mess.

"Hah.. Hah..~ fuck.."

Kazuhas legs were shaking a little..

"You better remember who can be the leader of this kaedehara."

"F..fuck.. You..~ we.. Are an~.. Gah.. Switch..~"

"Right, but I'm not even gonna go easy on your hole."


"F..fuck you~.."

Anyways some bonus scenes^^
Scara and aether!

"So.. Mr hat guy.. Shall we check on kazuha and heizou?"


"Fine traveler.. Or should l say.. Aether?"

They both went to the living room on where they were.. Aether almost opened the door fully but when he saw them doing it.. He was blushing..

"Oh.. My.."

Aether said quietly..

"What are you... Ohhh.."

Scara turns his head and saw them..
(Btw the door was half open and they could peek in)

"Uhh.. Heh.. Let's just go back to the kitchen.."

"Absolutely cmon."

Scara grabs aethers wrist going back to the kitchen..

Next up...
Xiao and venti!

".... Hey xiao? I'm hearing like.. Moans?"

Xiao turns to venti..


"Wtf are you saying. Moans?"



"Let's not talk about that."

"Okie :)"



Xiao, venti.. With scara and aether saw both kazuha and heizou kissing on the couch..

"Mmm.. Your good at this~.."

Heizou said.


Kazuha said.

They didn't even to notice the others.. Yet.


Venti says loudly that both of them were caught off guard and turns to venti, noticed the others with him also..


Heizou said.

".... Fuck my life."

Anyways 604 words is so normal fr fr-

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