Guangdong Freaks take 5 points, now in first place with 12 wins

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Guangdong Freecs took home five points from their match against Revive in Season 1 of the FIFA Online 4 eK League Championship 2023 at the Africa TV Fixtures Studio with a win and a draw.

With both teams currently sitting atop the standings with seven points, it was important for them to pick up as many points as possible against each other, but for the Guangdong Freaks, they came up a little short in their bid to secure the top spot. Guangdong's five points today put them at 12 points, one point behind second-place Ultra Sejong.

In Game 1, Guangdong Freaks was spearheaded by Park Ki-hong and Revive by Jung In-ho, but neither team was able to capitalize on their chances in the first half of the game, which ended in a 0:0 tie heading into the second half. It was Jung In-ho who struck first in the second half. Park Ki-hong tried to play as calmly as possible in what could have been an impatient situation, and in the 73rd minute, Kim Mihi scored the equalizer after receiving a pass from Xabi Alonso, and the game ended 1-1.

The two players who met in the second set to take the three points were Guangdong Freecs' Kang Joon-ho and Revive's Shin Seung-seop. Kang Jun-ho scored the first goal with a great header from Ronaldo, and Neu Seob made it 1-1 with a great combination from Jokol and Lampard. However, Kang Jun-ho scored again shortly afterward to make it 2:1 at halftime. In the second half, Kang Joon-ho continued his aggressive offense and put pressure on Neu Seob, making it 3:1. Neo Seob scored his second point and tried to make it 3:3, but it was not enough, and Kang Junho won 3:2.

Finally, Guangdong played with ace Choi Hoseok and Revive with Lee Ye-daeng, and the game ended in a 1:1 draw, giving Guangdong 5 points and Revive 2 points.


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