In staggered two-game series, Hangzhou laughed, Shanghai cried (overall)

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On May 5, the Overwatch League 2023 Season Week 2 Day 1 Eastern got underway at WDG Esports Studio in Chungmuro, Seoul. The first game of the day was a highly anticipated matchup. It was a highly anticipated matchup between the Dallas Fuel and the Hangzhou Spark, a team featuring a number of Korean and Chinese national Overwatch players. Hangzhou won the match 3:1 thanks to the combined efforts of Han Su-wei and the clutch play of Dillerjin. The second matchup was between the opening day losers. This time, the Seoul Infernal recorded their first win of the season with a 3:0 victory over the Shanghai Dragons.

Hangzhou dominated from the start of the first set of Game 1. They countered Dallas' attacks with one death and took the 1R with a 100:0 victory. Dallas didn't change their hero combo and kept their dive combo with Junker Queen to win the round. In response, Hangzhou brought out Reinhardt-Mei in 3R to take advantage of the difficulty and take the first set.

Dallas didn't go down as easily as they did in the opening game. They held their opponents to one point and scored two of their own. When it looked like they weren't going to score, their 'Sparkle' tracer stepped up to the plate and helped push the cargo. On the flip side, Dallas won with a strategy that prevented Hangzhou from getting to the cargo. In between battles on the second floor of the building, Sombra on 'Edison' pushed a cargo to take a set.

The game swung back in Hangzhou's favor. 'Reeve''s tracer continued to be active on both sides of the ball. Dallas brought out Hanbin's Diva to try and find a variable, but it didn't work. Hangzhou, on the other hand, used the same combinations with excellent sum to pull ahead, even playing different fighting styles. In the fourth set, Hanbin's junker queen showed off her power, racking up kills from the start. However, Hangzhou's dealers steadily picked off Dallas' healers one by one to close out the game with a 3:1 lead.

Game 2 saw the Shanghai Infernal take on the Seoul Infernal. Infernal swept the first set. 'Mag' utilized wrecking ball and orisa to take the initiative, while the dealer team overwhelmed the opposing dealer team to complete the winning picture.

The momentum continued. Infernal pushed forward in the second set, taking the first three points. Shanghai's 'Viper' tracer split up, but Infernal's 'Zest-MN3' was more evenly matched. Shanghai's offense was stalled at one point. Winston on 'Fleta' pushed with primal fury to secure the first point, but an EMP on 'MN3' at the second point gave Infernal the second set.

In game three, Infernal cruised to three points, with Zest's tracer tearing up the map and picking up multiple kills. On defense, 'MN3' dominated the EMP fight against 'RheeSu', making it a one-sided affair. Shanghai, on the other hand, failed to score on 'HeeSu''s EMP timing, keeping the score at zero. The set score was also in Infernal's favor with a 3:0 sweep.

Overwatch League 2023 Season East Day 2 Results

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