[2]: I refuse

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Nikolai POV:

I was standing by my friends, unsure of what to do in the remaining time we had before class. Alex was talking very fast at Coby about math and I had tuned out until I heard a thud and a growl that reverberated through the hallway, we turned and looked for what it was.

And I literally couldn't believe my eyes.

The new kid and John Wittley were fighting. Not really though, the new guy was only dodging Wittley's punches too fast for the dumbass to catch up with him all the while laughing hysterically at Wittley's futile attempts. Suddenly he was in front of the little kid, shoving him away and the kid ran past us without a glance back.

The new guy dodged the punch yet again and finally grabbed Wittley's arm, twisting under it and throwing the dude over his shoulder despite the significant difference in mass. I watched the whole scene, completely astonished. I couldn't believe a new kid stood up to Wittley on the first day, I was both impressed and feeling the second-hand embarrassment for the guy, but then again the asshole deserved it so maybe it wasn't so bad.

The guy walked passed us, our eyes met for a split second. His eyes were a shade of light green that almost reminded me of my step father's eyes though completely different at the same time. His dark brown hair was cut similar to mine, but was longer in the front and hung in front of his eyes a little. He wore a black t-shirt with white words I couldn't read fast enough and gray, fitting jeans. He was shorter than me and he was lean, yet he definitely proved that he had muscle. It was like he was built for graceful movements.

"Holy shit, that's impressive how he dealt with Wittley. Especially on his first day," Coby muttered surprised.

"His name is Noah," Alex stated. "He transferred here yesterday but was absent."

"And how in the hell did you know that?" I asked, barely even looking at him. I watched the new kid turn the corner and nearly crash into someone. From here I couldn't tell if he did or not. I sighed and pushed off the wall I was leaning on.

He shrugged, but didn't answer. I shook my head. I guess in his mind some things are better unspoken.

"Of course you would know that," Isaiah grunted under his breath.

"I'd give it up, mate," Coby muttered shaking his head. His Australian accent seemed thicker the quieter he spoke. "He's never going to crack."

Isaiah just rolled his eyes and said nothing. Kiel stood looking at me blankly, like he wasn't hearing us.


At lunch we found that Noah guy and the little kid were sitting at our table, but I didn't mind. The only reason we sat there was because Coby was allergic to nuts. Like, deathly allergic.

Isaiah and Kyler sat across from Alex and I, Coby sat next to Isaiah, closest to the kids, and almost immediately sparked a conversation with them. After he ate his...whatever type of sandwich he ate for lunch.

"Hey, I saw what happened this morning," he said excitedly. His accent bled through his voice the more excited he got, making it difficult to understand even for me. "Those were some pretty sick moves there!"

Noah blinked and smiled, but it was fake, it was strained and didn't reach his eyes, then he nodded. "Thanks, I've taken self defense because of all the bullying at my previous school."

"Self defense, huh?" Coby asked. "Cool!"

Noah shrugged. "I guess it is."

Alex shook his head, sighing. "Ky and I need to talk to coach, we'll be right back," he beckoned Kyler who jogged over to follow my friend.

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