It Started With A Whisper... -Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario story

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   A/N: Here is a story about the lovely Alexandra Daddario and Logan Lerman. They're adorable together. Originally published on my tumblr. Also, I didn't make the picture.

   Logan sat in the makeup chair and let the flock of stylists and makeup artists around him prepare him for filming. He heard Alex’s laugh float throughout the room. It was the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard. He smiled as she continued laughing and sat down in the chair next to him.

His smile drooped down when he realized Jake was the one making her laugh. He didn’t have anything against Jake of course; they were great friends. It was just hard to like someone when they were flirting with the girl you love. Yes, he loved Alex. He had ever since he’d first met her. You could say it was love at first sight but Logan wasn’t one to judge solely on looks. Not to say that Alexandra wasn’t beautiful but he thought she was most beautiful when she was happy and smiling. And what Logan wanted most was to be the one who made her smile. He remembered the day he met her. It was at the audition for The Lightning Thief.

Everyone was chatting but he stood alone as he usually did. He was just too shy and too awkward to initiate a conversation at the time. Which was exactly why he was surprised when a girl with soft, brown hair came striding towards him a smile placed upon her face. He immediately took a liking to her. As she reached him she asked, “Do you want to practice lines with me before we start? I’m so nervous.”

He stood there like deer in the headlights for a moment and nodded slightly. “I’m Logan” he said offering his hand.

Her blue eyes met his as she shook his hand and replied “I’m Alexandra but you can call me Alex.”

“Okay Alex,” he replied smoothly. He ran a hand through his brown hair and discreetly tried to smooth it down.

She grinned and grabbed his arm “Let’s practice over here.” She motioned towards an emty section of the drab room.

“Okay,” he managed to say. They ventured over to the other side of the room.

“So Logan, you start here,” she exclaimed as she flipped her script open and pointed to a line. He flipped his script open to the same page and blushed slightly as their fingers touched when she pointed to the sentence again. Time to impress Logan thought as he began. He read his line putting careful emotion into his words. Alex took a second to get into character as Annabeth and then delved into the script.The pair lost track of reality by the time they’d finished the scene. “You were really good.” exclaimed Logan.

Alex’s smile increased and playfully answered ”Thanks, you weren’t so bad yourself.” He looked into her eyes for a moment before they were interrupted.

Okay ladies and gentleman! Time to begin these auditions!” shouted the director.

“First up, Logan Lerman and Megan Hunter.” Logan began to walk over.

“Good luck” Alex called out to him. He turned his head over his shoulder and smiled at her. She matched his smile. This gave him the confidence to ace the audition. In a way he was thankful he didn’t have to audition with the bright eyed brunette first. She made him nervous…in a good way.

Logan read out the lines with Sarah. He thought she was fairly good but Alex had done a better job. LAs he concluded his last line Logan looked up at the director. He nodded his approval. “Sarah you can leave, send in…” he scanned his list of actors,” Alexandra. Oh and Logan? You can stay. I think we’ve found our Percy Jackson.” Logan thanked him and prepared to run through the lines again. He wanted to make the performance as good as possible so he could see Alex again.

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