Deadly Encounter...

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Mey-Rin was crouched on the top of a large building in the town of London. Only a day before had she received a letter from a previous employer. He had asked her to do a job, one only someone of her skill could accomplish. Through a window several hundreds of feet away. A large man sat in his lounge chair smoking a pipe with a huge grin on his face. This man was her target. The letter had explained that he was a child trafficking scumbag and doing unspeakable things to some of the children. This was the only reason she'd excepted outside work from Phantonhive. As she took aim at the man she heard a loud bang. Mey-Rin knew this sound it was the sound of gun fire. The pain was sharp and quick. As the bullet entered her chest she fell back. Was this the end? She could hear the sound of many Reapers... as she lay in a bloody pool of her own blood.

Everything was silent except for the sound of the rain pit-patting down on the earth. A man then came, walking in a steady pace until he was mere feet away from the assassin. "I'm surprised you took this job." He said, looking down at her. "I'll admit that's a close one." The man took a deep breath, wincing at the foul smell of blood with rain water. "No reports about your reaping has come yet, so there's still an uncertainty."

Mey-Rin's pain at first didn't let her see who stood over her. She shivered from the cold of the rain and the shock of the bullet wound. The rain fell directly in her eyes but the voice was somewhat familiar. She laughed. "Well I could never pass up the chance of stopping someone from hurting children" Mey-Rin held the wound. Her heart was beating hard. She attempted to sit up but the bullet had grazed her heart. She was losing blood fast. The down pour wasn't helping. Then she could just make out Williams face. "William? You... "

"I wish..." William said, swallowing to help him talk straight. "I don't know..." He looked down and kneeled beside her body. "Stay strong, Mey..." His voice cracked, surprising himself. He reached his hand out to hold Mey's hand.

Mey-Rin found his hand comforting. Just knowing he was beside her made her feel at ease. She coughed a bit. A little blood coming out of the corner of her mouth. She put his hand to her lips and kissed it. "I think I was tricked. No one else knew I'd be here. But why?" She smiled softly at William trying not to think of the pain. The raindrops around her gave her a pleasant thought. "Do you remember your first real day off? Our picnic? We fed the pigeons. I made sandwiches. And you read to me by that little hidden pond. Do you remember what it was?" Mey-Rin felt weaker a shiver ran through her. She saw other reapers coming close. "Only you... I don't want anyone else to see..." She begged him to keep them away.

William took a deep breath as one reaper came close with a piece of paper. He took it and read the information. Will shook his head. "Yes, I do. It was Edgar Allan Poe..." He looked behind him, motioning to the other shinigamis to go. William read it again and slowly raised himself to stand, looking upward and closing his eyes to let him contemplate. "Someone will be able to save you."

"Wow you do remember... It was so wonderful." She grabbed on to his pant leg. "William please don't go. The other children will they..." Mey-Rin began coughing harder it hurt to breath. "William how will someone save me? NO one knows I'm here!" Mey-Rin forced herself to sit up then stand. As she did so she stumbled forward into Williams arms. She put something in his pocket right before she passed out still holding onto him. It was a small white cloth meant for cleaning glasses. In one corner it had the initials MRS stitched into it.The other corner was a gun crossed with what looked like his scythe. He wouldn't find this until later.

"Of course... I remember... " He closed his eyes as a tear finnaly fell from one of them. "I don't know, Mey... There might me a slim chance... " The reaper looked at Mey Rin, holding her a little tighter than before. His free hand plunged into the his pants pocket, simply touching the slightly damp cloth inside. William heaved a heavy and depressing sigh as he was only force to hope for the best. There might be hope for Mey, maybe even a tiny bit.

Mey was starting to get a fever she'd lost a lot of blood. Her rain soaked clothes weren't helping. She mumbled something Williams name was one of the only clear words and forgiveness. Was she begging for forgiveness? Mey-Rin started to open her eyes coughing a lot still burning up, she couldn't tell what was real and what wasn't. "William? Will?" she pulled on his neck tie and kissed him softly. "You're glasses they're dirty... clean them silly." She started shaking. "Read to me...." She sounded as if she was having a memory. Giggled. "There's a pigeon on your head." She looked straight into his eyes. Then closed hers. "One day Tanaka I'll be able to tell him. Look what I made." She held up her hands as if hold something square. "Its for cleaning his glasses. See our initials." Then she passed out again her temperature rising.

At this point, William was choking with tears as the memories flashed before his eyes. He took the cloth out from the pocket and held it in his hands as his fingers trace the embroidered letters and the embroided weapons insignia. "Mey... " He touched her face, gently outlining her neckbone. "I wish I could do someting... but I'm only a bringer of death... And I know nothing will change that."

Mey-Rin's fever was getting worse, shiverin her body searched for warmth. The rain had stopped. Her skin was damp an slightly cold to the touch. She began to wake a little. She saw William and saw him crying his touch is what had woken her. "William please don't cry..." Mey-Rin looked around she didn't know where she was it looked like... wait it was. He'd brought her to his place. She looked down and saw he'd managed to remove her wet clothes and was in one of his shirts and covered in his blankets. He had started a fire but she still felt cold. Her wound was bandaged though a little blood seeped through. "Did you do this? Did you pull out the bullet?" She painfully moved over a little. "Please..." she moved the blanket. "I'm so cold." Mey-Rin reached for William to lay with her. The fever started affecting her again. As her eyes started to close. "I hope he likes it Mr. Tan... I love him...." Her words trailed off. As she slipped back into a sleep.

The reaper sighed quietly as he eyed Mey with concern. 'It's not enough. Mey will DIE at this rate...' Mumbled the wicked voice in his head. William hissed, shaking of the thought. "No... She's strong." he mumbled over and over again. "The papers...they haven't reached the end yet. " He looks down on Mey's hand, holding it gently with his in hopes it could give her a least a little bit more warmth.

Mey-Rin's mind was spinning. Memories passed so fast.. good and bad alike. The ones with William a bit slower then the rest. Fighting by his side during the mass murder incident. They'd made a good team. Sweat formed on her forehead and she was trembling now. She coughed up a little blood, but he was right she was strong. Only thing was she needed something to fight for.

To be Continued...
An Assassin and A Reaper... The untold Story Of William and Mey-Rin
Last updated: Jan 23, 2016
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