Tyra And Shaquille ( Sket Story )

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CHAPTER #1 - Just The Beginning Of Nothing 

As He Held The Gun To My Head Shaq Ran Up Behind Him And Clapped Him Round Da Head Wid His Shoe And

Grabbed Me And We Ran To The Bus Stop In The Poring Rain He Gave Me His Nike Hoodie

Rapped It Around Me Held My Chin Up Nd Whisperd I Love You Then We Lypsed I Was Gettin So Into

It And Then I Could Hear Music Like Everygirls Fantasy But Nah Dis Was .. It Was .. 

? Hot Gal Wine Up Your Body To My Sloww Jaaamm ... (Old Tyme Banger Alie) 

By Now I Was Baffleed But Thenn


This Is Wen I Knew Dis Was Sum Bait Dream ! 

Shanice Ran In Ma Room Jumpin On The Bed " Mum Sed You Gotta Take Me To Skool

Coz She Got To Do Sumfin For Uncle Darren " (In Ufa Words She Gunna Go Fuk Ma Dead Fathers Brother Kmt)

SHANICE - Worlds most spoilt brat aka my likkle sister typical kmt

"Wah Da Raass ! Its 6:30 My Gyal Wake Me Up Ina Hour Shiiitt !"

Shanice left and gyal was gettin all comfortable agaiin ..

[ ? Wat We Shared Was No Odinary ] - NDubz - Ouch ?

What da fuk naahh hus callin my line at dese times in da mornin

CALLER ID : My Baby x

Ooo Dah Hubby Its All Bless

"Wagwan Baby"

"Mornin Sexii Jus Checkin Ma Bubbz Is All Bless Nd Ting Wah You Sayin"

"Nuffin Murch Boo Was Jus Gunna Go Bk Sleep But Myt Aswell Get Up Now Alie"

" Ye Babes Cum Check Me At My Yard After Skool Im Missin My Wife Lykee Jheez"

" iite Den Baby Bless"

" Bless Have A Gd Day At Skool Ye Bubbah"

" Ye You To Love You "

"Love You To Byee "

Raah Me Nd Shaquille Been Dealin For 10 Munfz Now Yanooee Lyke Jheez Its Mad Love

And Dont Get It Twisted Im A Virgin We Aint Beat Yet But I Trust Him So He Might Be The Onee

14 Sum Sik Shapeup Left Ear Peirced Hazel Eyes Nd Sum Boooooom Smilee Jheez !

i got out of bed (eventualy) had a long bath seen as i had tymee lyke i creamed nd put on da uniform

customised for TC Obviously (Terror Chikz) I Looked Showaahh No Doubt I Was A Lightie (BRAP) Half Guyanese

Half English Didnt Have Much Of A Back Off But Dere Was Sumfin Dere Gemmee I Had C Cup Breasts Decent Size

For A Fourteen Year Oldd Nd I Had Slik Black Curlss Pon Mahh Head !

But Nyway I Slikked Up Shanice's Hair Scince I Was Takin Her To Skool Yanoe I Carnt Be Seen Wid Noe Likkle Tramp

I Picked Up Ma Oyster Card Ma Vaseline Ma Fone My Money Nd Mah Keys Nd Shanice's Skool Bag Nd Moved For Da Door

Didnt Even Bother Seein Wagwan Wid Dah Sket I Call My Mum Ya See It ..


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