You Punch Like A Leaf

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"Y/N you've been standing here for- like thirty years! Can we leave?" March complained, she'd barely gotten past twelve minutes before getting bored of waiting with you. 

Both of you were huddled by the tree aptly named, 'leggy' after the brief encounter with a crawly little thing just the day before. Patiently waiting for the woman who promised you the opportunity to become a real Bonafide superhero. 

"This is payback for you ditching me yesterday." You smiled, rubbing the top of your lip a bit smugly. 

Watching her eye twitch as she desperately tried to sneak away, you eventually saw the woman in the distance. She was wearing that same super rad dark overcoat while riding a bike full speed towards you. 

"Why is she on a bike." 

"Gas prices maybe?" 

"You don't even know what they are-" You shrugged, it's not like you needed to drive, why should it matter? All you knew was your grandparents were arguing about it last night over dinner. 

With rugged hair and an exasperated look on her face she sternly pointed at the seat behind her. "Get. On." She demanded through harsh breaths, seeming exhausted from her little bike ride. 

"Wait, no- you drive." She got off, handing you the bike as you cautiously stepped onto the bike. March only stared at you as she tied up her hair and demanded you start pedaling.

You rationalized that this was the start of your hero endurance training, because boy- she was not as light as she looked. Or perhaps you just had the legs of a starving chicken. 

Eventually after a painstaking fight with a steep hill, the both of you finally made it onto even terrain. "Alright, pull in on the next block." Pulling over, she locked her bike onto the pole with a chain she pulled out of nowhere. Straightening her black tie and her dark coat, flicking up the collar as she walked into the bar. 

"Follow my lead." 

"Gotcha'-" You most certainly did not 'get her' as you were completely baffled upon walking into a full-on bar with grown adults drinking in the afternoon hours. Had she taken you here to get wasted?

"No, we're just here so I can get something I'm owed." She clarifies, as if she can read your mind-

"That's a dumb idea. I'm just good at reading people." 

Deciding to stop your thoughts all together you walk patiently alongside her. Watching intently as she approaches a blonde-haired man with a nice comb-over. He was also, quite a good looking fellow- 

"Cough it up bastard!" She shakes him violently, with a groggy and smoky tone in her voice as she rattles the poor man silly. He seems completely used to this as he only puts his hands up in defense. 

"Alright, sheesh! Here- who's the new blood?" 

"Nope! Not new blood, just- blood. I told you he was the last one." She states sternly as she pops the tiny capsule into her mouth. Immediately she runs a calm hand through her hair, regaining her composure quickly. 

"Nice to meet 'ya kiddo. Name's Sam- if you ever want to gamble a bit I'll deal 'ya a wager." He offers, a charming smile on his dastardly clean-shaven face. Although he was good looking, his personality was a bit to snake-y for your tastes. 

"Let's go." She ordered, rushing you out of the bar as Sam let out a puff of dark grey smoke, disappearing into the crowd. 

"Where to?" You asked, getting back on the bike. She didn't really explain where it was you were headed, only pointing ever so often after you'd taken a wrong turn. 

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