Chapter 2-Clara's POV

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"America! Don't come over here that often. When I do, though, it usually gets interesting, to say the least." Clara smiled, sipping her soft drink. Once The Doctor got started it was hard to stop him so she thought she'd just listen. You never know what he'd end up talking about.

"Hope it doesn't get too interesting like it did the last time I was in the states, don't fancy dying that much. Even though sometimes it does bring an interesting plot twist, such as myself," he joked and he straightened that wretched bow tie of his. Clara rolled her eyes and reached across the table to slap him with a menu.

"Ow!" He turned to the waitress who had just arrived at their table. "Did you see that, see how mean she is?" The woman was blonde with a bit too much makeup on, but she smiled sweetly at them. "So are you two on a date?" The Doctor instantly looked at Clara with wide eyes like an embarrassed child. "No, no, no! W-we-," The Doctor stammered. "We're just friends," Clara finished for him.

In public that's all she would say but inside she had no clue what they really were. Companions, officially. Though she knew if The Doctor did have feelings for her, or her for him, he wouldn't be able to see it if someone screamed it in his face. But she couldn't tell either so maybe they were just good friends. Focus, Clara, She thought. You're here to have a good time and try some new things. Not flirt.
"So what's good on the menu?" The Doctor asked the lady. "Um I like the fries," she replied. "The what now?" "They're like the American version of chips, Doctor," Clara answered. "Not from around here?" the waitress asked. "Nope," The Doctor said with a grin. "Well if you're looking to try American foods, the burgers and chicken fingers are pretty good too," the woman said. "That'd be lovely-," Clara looked over for The Doctor's approval.

But he was too busy building a replica of the Empire State Building (though she gave him points for staying on the whole U.S. theme) out of the sauce bottles and salt and pepper shakers on their table. She sighed. He was like a child who could sit still for more that 3 seconds. This restaurant was lovely but she knew it wouldn't work for him.

"Actually we'll just get the check for the drinks I think," Clara said quietly to their server. She glance at The Doctor and nodded in understanding to Clara. She placed the check and Clara signed it and handed to woman a $10 bill from the money that The Doctor and her had exchanged for pounds. "Have a nice vacation," said to them as she moved on the table across them.

Clara whipped her head back around when she heard the crash of the plastic bottle tower. The Doctor shrugged sheepishly. "We're leaving," Clara announced. "But what about the-" "Took care of it we'll eat later," she said pulling him out the door back around the building to the TARDIS. "Excuse me gentlemen, mind if I use the phone box to call my ride?"

There were three men standing in front of the TARDIS next to an antique black car. Great, we can't just disappear into the TARDIS with them staring. 'A man and woman walk into a tiny-looking blue box and then suddenly the box vanishes.' Clara and The Doctor both preferred to stay out of the papers. That lie should keep the men from suspicion, Clara thought.

At least that was what she thought until the men pulled out guns and blades and aimed them at The Doctor.

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