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Molly Weasley jumped from her slumber as the door bell rang. She had been busy all day and had been hoping that she would get a few hours sleep, apparently not.

She opened the front door to see her daughter and her family stood outside; their youngest daughter Nymphadora shivering slightly in her thin cardigan.

"Ginny, Harry, come in out of the cold" she ushered the Potter family into the warm house and was grateful they were there before anyone else, Ginny was the one who had planned this whole get together in the first place.

"You look amazing mum" Ginny said, complimenting her mother as she shrugged off her coat. Molly was just about to thank her daughter when she saw her clothes. Her dress was a pale coffee colour and sat just below the knee; she didn't look her age at all.

"So do you Ginny, you dress is very becoming on you"

"What about my dress nanny? Is my dress becoming on me too?" Dora asked as she span around in front of Molly, grinning madly as her dress twirled out around her.

"You look like a princess, dear" Molly praised, kissing Dora's cheek once she had stopped spinning. She giggled at her grandmother before prancing away after her older brother's Albus and James, who had disappeared into the kitchen.

"I picked out the dress for her!" Lily added before she too followed her siblings into the kitchen. Molly laughed at her granddaughter before turning and leading her daughter and son-in-law into the living room. Ginny straightened out the pillows on the sofa Molly had just been sleeping on before she sat down. Harry sat beside her and Molly opposite them.

"Do you think they'll come?" Harry asked his wife and Ginny frowned.

"Who? Hermione and Draco or Ron and Astoria?"

"Either" he said and Ginny shrugged in answer.

"I don't really know, Hermione will definitely turn up though, even if her husband doesn't"

"Are you kidding me? Have you seen those two? It's like they're joined to the hip"

"Well I for one would love to see Hermione" Molly interrupted the couple's banter, smiling down at her daughter and the boy she considered her son. She considered Hermione her daughter as well which was why she was so desperate to see the girl. After Ginny had told her the truth about Ron's affair, Molly had forbidden him to enter the house without invitation and Astoria was the same. She had demanded that he say sorry to Hermione today or he would not be welcomed back into the family. He had reluctantly agreed through gritted teeth which had made his mother smirk.

Ginny looked thrilled at her mother's words "That's good mum, I would hate it if you never wanted to see Hermione again"

"As would I, I liked Hermione, she had spunk. She also helped me with the washing up" Molly added, raising an eyebrow at her daughter who just gulped before edging slightly closer to Harry.

"I do it now, honest mum I do"

Molly laughed "I'm joking Ginny"

The group were interrupted by another knock at the door. Before Molly could get up a head stuck around the side of the door. It was Dora.

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