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Several days after Snivellus came out, James had done everything he could to prove that Snivellus wasn’t gay and is after Lily, his Lily. He used the Marauders map to seek out the slimy slytherin, specifically when said slytherin was alone because atleast then Snivellus wouldn't have to lie about being gay.

Tho it seemed that even with no one around Snivellus continued to insist that he wasn't interested in woman, especially Lily, and James couldn't understand why. Lily is absolutely beautiful and she is absolutely perfect how could someone not desire her. James had asked Sirius what he thought about the situation and Sirius insisted that Snape was possibly playing hard to get the same way Lily did with him.

James had scolded himself for not realizing that earlier. Of course Snape was trying to play hard to get with Lily. It bothered and worried him because it seemed to be working. Lily, who hadn't mentioned Snape ever since the incident in their 5th, began talking about him to her friends. It seemed she herself was in disbelief about the idea that Snape was gay.

He had heard her rant to Mary and Marlene during dinner on the day Snape came out. She couldn't believe that Snape was gay and that he had never told her. She went on stating that they were best friends and that they told eachother everything. They didn't keep secrets from eachother, so she had stated she was going over to Snape in order to confront him about it.

James had quickly stopped her and convinced her that Snape was most likely lying about being gay. That Snape probably just said that to avoid the embarrassing and pity looks people would have given him when seeing them together. Lily had stared at him with a questioning look but she had sat back down and simply nodded.

James had felt great relief when she had listened to him that day. He didn’t want her anywhere Snape, he had worked so hard to prove what awful person he was. What didn't help his situation was that after Snape came out certain rumors began circling around about it. One rumor that caught not only his attention, but Lily's as well, was that Snape was caught kissing Mulciber before a quidditch match.

Lily had gotten furious when she heard people talk about if Snape and Mulciber were dating. She had refused to believe that Snape would date someone like him. It had taken James a couple of days to convince Lily not to believe such rumors and to not go talk to Snape about it. He had asked her on a date in an effort to keep her from thinking on the rumors because if she thought about them then she would be thinking about Snape and he couldn’t have that.

James shook his head to clear his mind, he needed to focus on getting ready and not about Snape. He quickly put on his shoes and fixed up his hair, as best he could, and left his dorm room. He had reached the bottom steps of the stairs and quickly caught sight of Lily sitting in one of the chairs in the common room speaking to Mary.

He smiled at the sight of her, he still couldn't believe he had actually won her. He made his way over to her and once he close enough to hear what they were saying his smile fell.

"I just can't wrap my head around the idea that Severus might be dating Mulciber, of all people"

"I still can't believe Snape is gay, I honestly thought he was in love you, what with you two having been best friends and all"

"And that! It upsets me that he never told me...I thought we told eachother everything"

James felt his blood boil, why was Lily so focused on who Snape might be dating...she should be focusing on their date. He willed himself to relax and made his presence known to the two girls.

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