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"Yes this way miss breia " nyla the secretary who interviewed me walked me through the mansion , the I was here for a job with David Morris

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"Yes this way miss breia " nyla the secretary who interviewed me walked me through the mansion , the I was here for a job with David Morris . He needed a house sitter for the summer , and I could basically pay for the rest of my senior year with the pay , plus this was a hood get away for me I definitely wasn't going home .

"Mr.morris your employee is here" she slid in the roomy office , revealing me right behind her . I stood nervously as he continued to write in his books .

"You showed her around ?" He kept is attention on the books . He was rude as hell .

"Yes sir I did ...I wanted to make sure she could properly meet you before heading to her room"

"Uhm how are you ?" I did a slight mug , he could aleast look us in the face while we had a conversation with him . I didn't play that .

"If I wanted you to know I would've told you" he said , attention still on his work.

"Well if yo-"

"Okaaaayyy miss Tim's let me show you your room" she hurried me out his work room , we caught a glimpse of each other before hitting the corner .

"He's not so bad briea..I promise he's just busy right now he always get moody around this time" she eyed me pushing back the door to the room where I stayed

"Well he need to take that up to himself I don't need a job this bad but it is knocking one bird out" i shrugged , looking around the big beautiful room . It definitely was for a princess

"Hmmm your a fire cracker ain't you?" She chuckled , she seemed so sweet and innocent, yeah his ass better learn some respect I don't like people being rude especially to somebody like her .

"Girl barely I just speak my mind that's all" I waved her off sitting my bags on the bed .

"Well Ill let you get settled in , dinner is at eight no later" she gave me a friendly wave before leaving .

"I'll make sure to be there at 8:15" I flung my long hair over my shoulder . I started unpacking , and putting my clothes in drawers . The view from outside caught my eye , the pool water danced around while be accompanied by other females , I hadn't noticed honestly . The city view peaked over the hill it was a sight to see , I knew it would be even more beautiful in the night .

"You the one the smart mouth" a voice boomed from behind me , startling me .

"You the rude one ?" I turned seeing his tall figure , standing in my door way . I didn't even hear his ass come in here .

"Hmmm" he smirked "we'll see bout dat" he walked off , leaving the door open . A good way to piss me off . I rolled my eyes slamming it as he left .

Pulling my phone out I called my friend Alyssa , she was on a internship somewhere in Atlanta . She probably was my only friend in school I really didn't click with bitches like that , but she did . I was very annoying , soon as she figured out a bitch wasn't her friend here she was crying to me about it , even I after I told her they weren't in the first place .

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