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Chapter 1: Smashing the Cake

When Wen Yao arrived at the school, it happened to be the end of get out of class.

The whole school was full of gossip, including the corridor she passed by, which was simply a gathering place for gossip.

She distractedly listened to a few words, followed the guidance of the guard, went up to the main building, passed by many curious students, and finally came to the dean's office.

There are three people in the office, a middle-aged woman with a tired face, and a middle-aged man with a belly full.

The remaining one instantly elevates a life-like scene to the level of an idol drama.

Standing in front of the two middle-aged people was a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy with slightly long Japanese-style hair, crooked collar buttons and a loose tie.

Her hair was dyed a few strands of gray-blue, and she wore a silver cross earring on her left ear, and around her neck was a wordless silver medal on a black leather cord.

No matter how you look at it, you are a little gangster—except that this person is really good-looking, like a live-action version of a bad school bully in a shoujo manga.

The height is over 185, the facial features are handsome and deep, with a rebellious temperament, and the eyebrows are slightly raised, which is the appearance that can make most girls' hearts when they are young.

"Who are you?" He said without looking at anyone else, his voice was a clear and clear boyish voice.

"Director Fang, Teacher He, hello, I am the guardian of classmate Jiang Mingdu, and my name is Wen Yao."

Wen Yao, a tenth-level social animal, took the initiative to say, "Jiang Mingdu's father, Mr. Jiang Yan, entrusted me to handle all matters related to Jiang Mingdu. I probably heard about the cause and effect on the way here. Does your school have any relevant solutions for me to refer to?" one time?"

"Damn it, who are you on the horse?" Jiang Mingdu, a rebellious teenager who is a typical representative of the prickly head, blew his hair as it should.

Wen Yao slightly shifted her gaze, and looked up at him—the eight-centimeter high heels only allowed her to pass 172, and she couldn't compare with others in height.

She took out a small red notebook and a small dark red notebook from her bag, handed it to Jiang Mingdu, and smiled commercially: "I am your legal mother, classmate Jiang Mingdu."

The thorn-head Jiang Mingdu was dumbfounded holding the two books, and began to look through the household registration book and marriage certificate with a face full of disbelief.

Seeing that he was finally quiet, Wen Yao turned her head to look at the two teachers who were equally shocked and did not dare to gossip.

As the class teacher, Teacher He puts students first, hesitated for a moment and said: "The main reason is that Jiang Mingdu slapped the cake on the face of a female classmate. This behavior is really bad——"

"That cake was given to Jiang Mingdu by that classmate, right?" Wen Yao pulled out a chair for himself and sat down, pretending to have a long conversation, "Does your school not care about students' puppy love?"

Director Fang, who was in charge of smoothing things over, came back to his senses, "Our school has an open management system for students. If students do not violate the law, most of them only have persuasion, and there are no hard and fast rules."

——Besides, Chairman Jiang donated a building to Young Master Jiang when he came in, how dare they suppress him.

"There shouldn't be any support in that cake? The female classmate wasn't injured, right?" Wen Yao confirmed.

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