[2] Pierre's backstory

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A/N: Just so you guys know, I don't write this to upset or bully any of the drivers and I do not know them, so its just fiction.  I just like them as a character in my story, just a little explanation. Also, can you guys see my drafts, because I wanna spread some chapters over time. Just let me know! ;)


This chapter is in the PAST, Pierre is 6 years old and Louise is 4 years old.

Louise was always the unwanted kid. Her parents always chose Pierre over her, but at the time she didn't really notice, because she was only 4 years old. Pierre always loved his little sister, but he was never allowed to bring her to the karting track or tell his friends about her. He didn't think anything about it. 

Pierre POV:

I was laying in my bed after eating pancakes. I love pancakes. It is defenitly my favourite meal. Louise also loves pancakes, so we both love it. Even tough we don't eat pancakes often. Louise and I are always super exited to eat pancakes. While I'm trying to sleep I hear my parents shouting at eachother. What is going on? I decided to go downstairs and listen at the door.

'We can't keep her!'

'I know, but what should we do? Bring her to adoption or something?!'

'I have a better idea. I know an old friend of mine who lives in Bahrain. He and his wife love kids. I think that's better. Then we know where she is.'

'Ok, that's okay. I will fly her over tomorrow.'

What? Is Louise going away? I hear my mom coming to the door, so I quickly ran upstairs. Where did Louise go again? I didn't hear it. 


The next day:

I wake up and hear my sister and my dad downstairs.  I run downstairs and see them leaving, when I try to grab Louises hand, my father picks Louise up and pushed me away. What is happening? I will ask my mum.

'Hi mom! Where are Louise and dad going?'

I see her face goes blank and she stutters.

'Um, they are going to the airport sweetie. Louise is going to be away for some time.'

She is totally lying, but I ignore it. I think its better that she doesn't know I know the truth.

'Okay, When will they come back?'

'Um, dad is going to be home tomorrow, but Louise will stay there for some time'

'Ok, allright'

I walk to my room and go back to my bed. What just happened? Was this the last time that I will ever see my sister? I didn't heared where she was going, so she can be all over the world. I can't tell anybody. I need to carry this secret for the rest of my life. 


Hi guys! Hope u like the first chapter. Its a little short, but Its fits better in the story like this. There will be one more chapter about Louise's backstory and maybe another chapter about the past, but you will see. 

Have a nice day! x


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