--I Know What You Did Last Summer Maya--

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Maya picks up her phone that was sitting on the kitchen counter. She sees the name Chad shining brightly at the top of the screen and can't help but grin at her boyfriend who was calling her, even though he would see her in thirty minutes.

"I know you're obsessed with me but you're going to see me very soon, can't this wait," Maya says as she prepares a few drinks for her and her boyfriend.

"Ok, Ms. Cocky, I was just about to go grab some Chinese food on the way in but if you don't want it that's fine I guess," Chad replies as the sound of a car starting up rings through the phone.

"Oh! crispy duck pancakes please, you're the best" Maya says as she places the drinks on the table in the living room and sits on the couch.

Chad's laugh rings through the phone "Ok. I'll be there in about thirty minutes. Love you M."

"Love you too C." Maya hangs up the phone and goes to prepare for her chill night with her boyfriend.

The girl ran around her house grabbing things to prepare for her night in. She grabbed blankets, pillows, and snacks and placed them in the living room. Maya turned on the television and set up I know what you did last summer. It was her favorite movie and anyone close to her knew that.

As she goes to sit down and wait for Chad her phone rings in the kitchen. Maya sighs assuming it was just Chad again calling to bother her. She picks up the phone and sees 'unknown caller' shining across the screen. She answers the phone thinking maybe it was one of her friends who needed help or something.

Before she can speak a masculine voice rings out through the phone. "Hi honey, Are you almost home I've made your favorite. Carbonaraaa."

"oh.. um, I think you've got the wrong number," Maya says.

"Damn it sorry about that. I... I've got a new phone and I forgot to add my wife's number I must have put the wrong digits in. I'm so sorry." The voice calls out ending in an embarrassing laugh.

Maya laughs awkwardly before deciding it was time to end this interaction. "It's fine. Bye now." She hangs up the phone and places it on the kitchen counter.

Before she gets to exit the kitchen, the phone rings again. Maya looks back at it in confusion. She picks it up and sees the unknown caller at the top of the screen once again. With hesitation, Maya decides to pick it up.

"Hello?" her voice calls out sounding more like a mouse rather than herself.

"I'm sorry. This... might sound strange but I was just wondering if umm. If we could talk for a bit you know. My wife isn't home yet and I've been lonely.. and.. you know what don't mind me I'm just being silly.."

Before he could finish his sentence Maya replied "No it's fine! I've got some time to spare." Maya was always a friendly person and she thought the best of everyone. She felt bad for the man thinking maybe he didn't have many people to talk to and he just wanted some company.

She sat back down on her couch. "So where are you from" She decided to start up the conversation with a friendly question.

" Haddonfield, I'm new here. My wife is from here so we decided to stick to where she's comfortable. What about you where are you from." The masculine voice calls out from the phone sounding a little bit raspier than how it sounded a few minutes ago.

"I can't tell you that, have you ever watched horror movies? Don't tell a stranger where you live." Maya laughs getting comfortable in her fuzzy pink blanket.

"Hahaha, I guess I'm done for then. I hope you're not some crazy serial killer in a mask." The voice laughs from over the phone.

He continues the questions. " Ok let's stick to the basic questions. What's your favorite color?"

"Baby blue. How about you?" she replies.

"Blood red. Favorite food?" he continues

"Chinese food. You?"

"Carbonara" he replies his voice continuing to sound raspier as the call continues.

"oh just like your wife." Maya smiles.

The man laughs "Oh you listen. Ok, final basic question. What's your favorite scary movie."

Maya looks up at the television and smiles " Easy, I know what you did last summer, it's a classic."

"oh good choice, good choice." The voice sounded excited by Maya's choice of movie.

"I know right I mean Sarah Michelle Gellar. An original scream queen. An icon. My icon." Maya stands up feeling enthusiastic about her choice of movie.

" I mean it's kind of ironic that that is your favorite horror movie." The voice laughs hysterically.

"Why?" Maya asks him confused by his statement.

The voice continues to laugh sounding eviler after each beat. "Because... Because.... I know what you did last summer, Maya Adams." As the voice spoke Maya stood frozen in fear recognizing the voice as the classic Ghostface voice.

Maya hangs up in fear. Feeling a panic attack heading her way after the accusation the psycho made. She curls up on the couch in hope of finding comfort within her shaking body.

The phone rings again and maya jumps slightly in fright. She decides to let it ring out but as it continues to ring she hears a message pop up on her phone

-unknown number

Answer the fucking phone or I'll gut you like a fucking fish

Maya answers the phone. "What the fuck do you want." She cries out as tears roll down her eyes.

"That poor girl Maya. She was your friend and now she's six feet under the ground because of you." The Ghostface voice calls out

"You don't know shit." Her voice sounded angry at that statement.

"Oh, I know everything. I'm going to expose your fucking lies and after that, I'm going to watch you bleed out until your last dying breath."

Maya cries out "What do you want from me."

"I want to watch you suffer." Then the call suddenly ends.

Suddenly the doorbell rings. Maya gasps in fear. She stands staring at the door for a while until a voice calls out.

"Come on babe open up the food is going to get cold," Chad calls out and Maya sighs in relief.

She wipes her tears away acting as if none of the past twenty minutes happened. Maya opens the door with a fake grin plastered on her face.

"Hi," she says and kisses Chad on the cheek hoping he doesn't notice the tremble in her voice.

"Hey, wait why are your eyes red." He points toward his girlfriend's eyes in concern.

She swats his hand away replying with " Oh it's nothing my contacts are just irritating me right now."

He looks at her with concern plastered on his face, but ultimately decides to shrug it off and wraps his arm around her shoulder walking towards the living room to eat their food and watch the movie.

"Seriously. This movie again." He points towards the screen.

Maya grabs the remote and decides to change the movie to a random comedy instead.

"Yeah, your right we've watched that one way too many times."

Maya and Chad cuddle up on the couch and she can't help but feel a sense of comfort in his warmth.

She just hopes that maybe it was just someone messing around with her.

But who knew what happened last summer? 

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