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Transfiguration Time

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Enjoy my lovelies

Time ticked by slowly in the Hogwarts library. With each turning page and scratching quill, the seconds crawled along as though not really moving at all.

Or at least that's what it felt like whenever Lily wrote an essay on Transfiguration. Of course she had managed to make plans to work on the most recent Transfiguration essay under the guidance of her reliable friend Remus Lupin.

Maybe not so reliant after all.

Lily sat in the library for a whole hour waiting for her friend to appear, but he never did. She spent this hour starring in horror at the blank, twelve inch piece of parchment that lay, untouched, in front of her. She spun her quill restlessly in her hand as she awaited the Transfiguration epiphany that would never come.

"So I see you've managed to finish most of your essay Evans." A sarcastic voice noted.

James Potter had just sat in the seat across from her. James Potter who was in his Quidditch uniform and was absolutely covered in muck. James Potter who had the audacity to wink at her as she glanced at him in astonishment. James Potter who, mind you, was not invited to Lily's study session. James Potter who was certainly not Remus Lupin.

"What are you doing Potter?" Questioned an irritable Lily.

"Why, I'm here to save the day." Responded a cocky James.

"You may not believe this, but I specifically requested Remus, not you."

"Ah yes, but Young Lupin has taken ill, bless his heart, and I have been assigned as substitute."

"Is he okay? whats wrong?" Lily's voice was suddenly filled with concern as she thought of her dear friend.

"He's fine," James assured, "He just happens to be on his period right now and is experiencing some major cramps."

"Shove it Potter, what's really wrong?" Lily was not in the mood for playful banter.

"Don't worry Lily, it's just a cold." James responded in a more serious tone.

"That boy sure does get sick a lot, doesn't he," Lily had noticed Remus's frequent absences and worried for his health.

"Bad immune system, runs in his family." Potter's lack of worry comforted Lily a little since she knew he wouldn't joke about one of his blokes health.

"Okay, well do you think Remus is going to feel better tomorrow? I really need to work on this essay." Lily began to worry of her upcoming homework assignment now that her tutor was absent.

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