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* * *

Suzume's POV

   After a long morning of running, we finally arrived at the Sand Village. Before collecting our payment for completing the mission, Kankuro went who knows where to get more puppet parts, and Temari left to go buy supplies to clean her fan (she's a germaphobe).

    I mean really- she cleans the thing every DAY. Well, I don't need to clean mine (air is pretty clean) and Gaara can't clean his gourd because it's made of sand, and Kankuro sometimes gets the poison and gunk out from the joints of his puppets. Disgusting if you ask me.

   But that left Gaara and I to head home without any errands to run. Will they have heard about the assassins?

   The second I stepped into the village, people stared. Even the gatekeeper for the village gave us a look of disgust.

   To them, we are only a monster.

   Yeah, I kind of figured.

   We silently walked down the streets of the village, hearing quiet murmurs along the way. "It's Gaara. The monster!"

   "His sister isn't that bad, is she?" A small voice of a little boy said.

   "They're the village's ultimate weapons, remember? They have the power to destroy the entire village."

   "Oh..." The voice said, sounding sad. My heart broke.

   Geez! Give us a break! I saw the plug to Gaara's gourd quiver, and his hands became fists.

   Don't, please.


* * *

   We slowly walked down the path, and I heard a sound. Stopping abruptly, I saw a the same little boy as before, a kunai stuck up in a palm tree planted my their house. He must have been doing some target training, and missed.

   He sniffled. "It's stuck..." He muttered to himself, not noticing my brother and I were there. Gaara kept walking, but I looked at the kid, then with a hand sign, summoned my wind. He looked young, around 7 years old. He probably hasn't learned how to climb trees yet, and there were no branches to use to get the kunai.

   Focusing my chakra, I willed the air to enclose the kunai in a sphere. The wind rustling the leaves of the tree had caught the kid's attention, and I saw him looking at me in a state of shock.

   The kunai was now floating in front of me inside the green orb of wind. "Y-You're... the kid stuttered. I managed a small smile.

   "Hi," I greeted. "Here's your kunai." I dropped the weapon into my hand, and extended it toward the kid. "I saw you dropped it."

   He still had that expression on his face. The one I know so well. The expression of sheer terror.

   Something that Gaara said Gaara had said to Yashamaru resounded in my head.

   I'm not bleeding, but it hurts a lot...

   Shukaku snickered in my head, and my vision blurred.

   Oh, shut up, already!

   I have rights...

   Sorry to burst your bubble, honey, but rights apply to humans, not evil sand demons.

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