Chapter 6: Misunderstandings

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NuNew was up at five in the morning. Hia was finally resting, and he could breathe a sigh of relief that he could sleep. He had been so restless last night. He was looking so pale but so adorable in his sleep. He still can't believe what has happened.

NuNew took a moment to wash his face. He would need to go out to the car and get his bag to brush his teeth. First, he had to clean the kitchen. They had made a mess last night.

They ordered food, watched movies, and snuggled but never talked about the important stuff. He had tried to start a conversation.

There were some things in his life that Hia needed to know about. He needed to know because they were why he was the way he was. These were things that had to come from him. There were so many things that had to be said and done.

They would be a lot for anyone to take. Hia would also have to meet both families and navigate that whole thing. He remembered when Aya had taken Qi home and the process they had to go through.

He didn't wish this on Hia, but if they were to be together, they would have to follow the traditions, and there was more, much, much, more. The dark was coming.

He was afraid of that conversation. All his family had said it was a complex, complicated conversation with their lifemate. He was not ready for that but knew it had to be done.

Whenever NuNew tried to broach the subject, Hia would kiss him, tickle him and distract him with his love bombs. It was like Hia wanted to shove all the happiness in one day.

They had both been waiting for each other. He got that. He knew loneliness since he was a child when his parents left him and returned to Thailand.

By then, his brother Luke was in his life and made the separation from his parents bearable. But no one could ever replace his parent's place in his heart, even a long-lost brother.

NuNew ran his rag over Hia's stereo and noticed a CD case and the cover from Savage Garden's Affirmation album. He turned down the volume and hit play. The song "I Knew I Loved You" began playing.

It was one of his favorite songs he collaborated on for a remix. One of many that he had written with Hia in mind. He turned the case over and saw his name. It was the remix CD. Hia even had him in his house way before he knew him. The song fits them. The lyrics were him. Maybe one day he will tell him about it.

Why did he need to do that if they were spending their life together? Why was he being so leery? Hia had made clear his intentions, but he could not help but wait for the other shoe to drop.

Looking around Hia's condo, it was a wonderful place for a single man but not for a couple. They would need more than a one-bedroom condo if he wanted to have the "dream."

He was wondering if Hia rented or owned. It would be a great investment property if he held it. He could rent it out.

They could live in his penthouse on the seventy-second and seventy-third floor at The Ritz-Carlton Residences at MahaNakhonIt, which had terrific views. He bought two condos, soundproofed, connected, and renovated the massive penthouses into one ample space to suit his needs. It was perfect.

He was lucky that he quickly found exactly what he was looking for. Money was not a concern, but his needs were. The contractor argued with him that he had renovated the place backward, but he wanted his home on the top floor.

The recording studio, dance studio, social media room, entertainment space, and other rooms were located on the first floor with a connecting staircase. The staff could enter and exit without bothering him. He had a beautiful communication door installed to separate the spaces. The door was a bookcase that swung open when unlocked. He did not like the people invading his space.

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