Chapter 9: You Make Me Forget to Breathe

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They are finally together, Zee and Nu. But now is Zee's true test. The royal family will tell the DMD family who Nu is. Will Zee be able to handle all that his Faen is, or will he walk away and leave his faen's heart broken?

Full of life and light, Nu is ready to give his heart entirely to his faen. After a very tiring show and an emergency that must be handled, he is exhausted and run down when he finally reaches Hia's arms and falls asleep. Will Hia stand the test that is laid before him and be there when Nu wakes up, or will he break his faen's heart for all time?

Will the DMD boys understand, or will this family be too much to accept even for them?


Zee never once let go of Nu while he was sleeping. Sometimes looking at his face, he forgot to breathe. He was so breathtaking and so lucky that he belonged to him.

He never wanted to live without him. When they were apart, he felt like his heart was ripped out of his chest. Some people may say he is whipped and would agree with them wholeheartedly, and he was OK with that.

When Nu moved, his face slid from his neck to his shoulder. He had been restless this whole time, shifting position over and over. Zee wondered just how much good rest he was getting.

Suddenly Zee felt a jolt and a buzzing feeling. Something happened with his shoulder. He was worried that Nu lying on it might be pressing against a nerve, but then it went away. He forgot about it since there was no pain, and he didn't want to let go of his Nu.

Zee realized his siblings had put him to good use when he was here for the show. When Nu was not flying on the wires, he sang and danced on the stage. It seemed he was everywhere and then nowhere.

He was the star of the two shows. He still had one more, the after-party. He wanted to talk to Xīyáng Qi to find out precisely what the after-party entailed.

Nu was so tired, and he was concerned. He hadn't woken up since he asked him to move in with him. He knew he was not this restless when they first slept together, and he wondered why.

The door to the family box opened, and workers quickly and quietly cleared an area, set up a table, and left.

Aya, Qi, and the rest of the family came in a few minutes later. Both looked at Nu sleeping in Zee's arms and quietly sat down in a lounger to wait for the food and for Nu to wake up.

"Why does Nu look like he hasn't slept in a week, is there something wrong with him," Zee whispered to Aya.

Everyone was whispering and staring at Nu. He had dark smudges under his eyes, and everyone was concerned. They had all wondered the same thing as Zee, was Nu sick? Aya sighed and knew that it was time to help her baby brother.

Aya closed her eyes and sent her thoughts to her brother Nate to watch the door and make sure no one entered until they were done. The food should arrive shortly, and they did not need any uninvited guests for what was about to happen.

Nate nodded, beckoned Vincent, and they left the room, shutting the door quietly behind them. Aya knew Nate would guard the door until she gave him the all-clear.

"Zee, whenever Nu is around many people, it takes a lot out of him. It is why we try to limit his appearances in the family shows. He can't stop himself from sending his life and light to the ones that need it the most."

All the new family members and Zee looked at them strangely. They had no idea what Aya meant but hoped she would explain more of what this light and life meant. Zee watched Aya reach for Qi to hold his hand, and she had it for courage for what would come next.

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