Chapter 2

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Cale almost opened the small paper but stopped

'I have an ominous feeling...'

He didn't trust what was written inside so he wanted to tell Cage before he opened the paper

*sigh* "Miss Cage, I'll say this one time very briefly."

Cage was confused at Cale's words, she knew what he was going to say wasn't a small thing, not as if anything the Young Master did was small from the start……

But this time she was sure that there would be something bigger than that

So Cage grabbed her knee in her hands as she prepared to listen

  "Say it... Young Master Cale..."

  “……..Actually, the real Cale Henituse made a deal where he and I exchanged worlds and bodies, so he is currently living in my world and I live here.”

  Silence...that was the expression on Cage's face

  But despite her shock, she still asked

  “Since when was this…?”

  "Umm, about 4 years ago"

  Cage's face brightened slightly at that statement, while Cale was amazed

  "Miss Cage?!"

  “So… this was before Taylor and I.. met you?!”

  “Um, yeah I guess, I’m not sure if you’ve met the real Cale Henituse.”

“No we haven’t met him… I’m a little relieved, at least you are the same young master who saved us. Not Cale Henituse who was nicknamed the Trash, so I have no right to protest or be angry.”

Cale was surprised by Cage's words and was slightly annoyed but didn't show his face, he was thinking about the contents of the ominous paper

"Miss Cage--"

“Young master, sorry to bother you, but I would like you to open the paper while I’m here.”

Cale was about to tell Cage to go, because he want open the paper by himself but Cage cut him off

"I'm really sorry, I don't know what's in the paper but I don't trust it's a good thing, and you have no one else but me so maybe it's a good thing to stay here."

Cage replied thinking that since she gave Cale that paper earlier and seeing his reaction, she intends to stay with him in case something happens.

"Well, I don't mind...."

'I know it's ominous but I'm not a little kid'

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