𝟯𝟴. heads or tails?

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tw: slight mention of drugs.


Again she fell down that spiral of hatred.
But not hatred towards other people, or the world that grasped at her two feet.

The hatred towards the person that glances back in the mirror.

Again, she felt that the world didn't want her anymore, and that no one truly loves her.

She felt as if the world took advantage of her, using her body to launch pain towards her in too many directions for her own mind to focus on.
Yet her head feeling as if she was buried in the deep depths of hell.

When her mood is great, she watches it fall - up and down like a roller coaster.

The constant aching within her soul, sinking deeper and deeper into a black hole.

She begs herself to create an escape, to escape one way where she can just be happy without forcing it upon herself.

Yet looking for that escape only surrounds her body with an invisible blanket of darkness that cramps her body in millions of places.

The butterfly effect.

And all she had to do was close her eyes and think of his blonde hair blowing in the breeze, while his blue eyes shone like diamonds to match the perfect smile that pulled on his plumped lips.

She allowed her mind to trace over his tired shoulders, and her thoughts to linger against his chiselled jawline.

Taking a deep breath and feeling it flutter through her lungs, while trying to keep the dark thoughts at bay and let go of the reigns that she had wrapped so tightly around her heart.

Even though she was scared of loving someone.
Love was the hurricane wrapped inside a chrysalis and she was the fragile girl walking straight into the storm.



"They're fancy people" Kiara spoke, feeling the wind crash through her curls as they bounced hitting each hole in the road.

"They've had three governors in the family. They've run Charleston for like 300 years" she further explained.

Watching the houses fade past their eyes, as the buildings stood so tall and fresh with their neat coats of paint and windows that doubled in size as the drive went on.

"These kooks make our kooks look like pogues" JJ scoffed as Pope slowly pulled up to the side of the house that belonged to the women that called for Pope's presence.

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