━ Prologue ━

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October 31st 1981

The autumn sun was setting over the Lupin-Black cottage, Inside Remus lupin was rocking his daughter trying to get her to fall asleep at a reasonable time for once rather than having his husband Sirius keep her awake by reading her muggle bedtime stories, the noise of a Queen record that Sirius left on filled the downstairs. 

Sirius was out doing work for the order on his motorbike that Remus liked to call a 'death trap' only because Sirius drove it like a complete and total lunatic and even once tried to put their Daughter Hope in the sidecar and justify it to Remus by saying 'what's life without a little risk' Sirius lost that argument.

"Daddy needs you to go to sleep Hope" Remus spoke softly to his daughter who was still wide awake she just giggled and reached up to try and grab his nose 

"right, thanks to Sirius you can't sleep without 18 bedtime stories" he muttered sarcastically under his breath to himself. 

He sat down in the chair in the corner of the room and picked up the book that Sirius must have been reading the previous night "little red riding hood.. hilarious Sirius"he muttered sarcastically opening the book, Hope babbled as if she understood and Remus smiled down at his daughter.

 He carried on reading from a random chapter and soon enough Hope fell asleep in her father's arms and Remus not long after her completely oblivious to what was going on over at the Potters. 

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

Sirius decided to visit his best friend James Potter on his way home to his family, Sirius had a feeling in his gut, and not a good one. He arrived at Godric's Hollow to check on his friends and his godson Harry and all seemed normal.

 He walked up to the door and noticed it was slightly ajar and also a little too quiet Sirius pushed the door open and was met with the sight of James Potter's body splayed out on the floor Sirius rushed to his side "prongs no-no" he muttered under his breathe trying to fight the tears that threatened to fall he was hit with the hard realisation that his best friend turned brother James Potter was dead.

The tears were now flowing but he came to his senses when he heard the cries of a baby "Harry" he whispered and ran upstairs to his godson Harry's room he saw the red locks fanned out across the floor and knew that Lily Potter was dead as well "lily no" he cried and ran over to harry "it's okay harry Uncle Padfoot's here" he turned harry's head away so he didn't have to see his dead mother, 

"We'll go to my house, me and Uncle Moony will look after you you'll get to see Hope too" Sirius grabbed a blanket to wrap harry in and went back downstairs to take harry away but not without casting one last look at James with tears falling down his cheeks and saying an I'm sorry under his breath.

Sirius was just about to place Harry in the sidecar of his motorbike, something Remus had scolded him for doing with his Hope when a tall figure appeared out of the shadows "Hagrid" Sirius breathed out greeting the half-giant "James and Lily they're dead" he informed him

 "I know, Professor Dumbledore sent me to collect young harry" the giant man replied with tears falling down his cheeks, 

"collect him what do you mean, I'm his godfather i-i'll take him with me he'll come live with me and Remus and Hope we'll keep him safe" he tried to assure the half-giant

 "I can't allow that Sirius, Dumbledore's orders" Sirius thought for a moment maybe Dumbledore was right putting harry in the protection of the greatest wizard known to man. At least for tonight. until all this blows over.  

"r-right okay here" he handed over Harry "at least take my bike you will get there faster" he handed Hagrid the keys "Sirius say Hi to Remus and little Hope when you get home" and with that Hagrid flew away taking Sirius Bike and his godson with him.

Sirius now alone was left with his thoughts placing his hands on his knees and crouching down he could barely think straight the only things on his mind were Getting home to his family and Peter Pettigrew.  

So Sirius being one of the few people to know that at the last minute he made the rash decision to change the secret keeper to Peter, a weak man but a man who they thought they could trust their supposed friend from Hogwarts. That night Sirius took a detour home to visit Peter. That one detour cost him everything. 

                                                                                         ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

Remus Lupin woke to the noise of the front door being knocked it was around two am, he peeled his sleeping daughter off his chest and placed her in the crib before making his way downstairs thinking perhaps it was Sirius but was shocked when he opened the door to reveal Dumbledore 

"Remus, may I come in" the wizard asked "of course, sorry I fell a-asleep" he said with a yawn guiding Dumbledore into the living room "Remus something happened tonight, something terrible" Remus who seemed more awake now than ever after hearing this "what happened?" Remus asked 

Dumbledore began to explain telling him how James and Lily had died and Remus could hardly stand. He sat down on the sofa hoping it would swallow him so he didn't have to hear the news, of his best friend's demise. Remus' eyes filled with tears hearing about how Lily and James died. it all felt like a blur. The shock caused all the words to blend into each other. Remus started to register the words when he heard Sirius' name. He listened as Dumbledore explained how Sirius sold them out, How he was the secret keeper. How he killed Peter. How he killed innocent muggles.   

"w-what no Sirius he would never sell them out like that I swear by it" he couldn't control his voice shaking and was unaware of the tears falling down his cheeks "Sirius where is he now Albus I want to speak to him" he pleaded to the wizard in front of him 

Dumbledore spoke cautiously when explaining where Sirius had ended up. He treaded carefully when explaining to the man in front of him. the man that looked as if he was about to snap. with anger? with sadness? both? it was all numb for Remus.

"he wouldn't" Remus pleaded tying to convince himself and Dumbledore.  

He had to believe that the man he loved the other father to his daughter wouldn't betray his friends wouldn't betray him and his daughter and let alone kill one of his closest friends. 

Dumbledore got up and placed a hand on Remus' shoulder "if there is anything you need Remus just ask, I'm sorry for all your loses" he couldn't even register what Dumbledore was saying, he just stared at the lit fire. The fire Sirius had lit before he left. The one he lit before promising he would be back later. 

"where is Harry?" he turned to look at Dumbledore but the wizard was already gone.

Remus wanted nothing more than just to hold his daughter in his arms he opened the door slowly not to disturb her sleep to see she was already awake "oh Hope" he whispered and scooped his daughter into his arms and held her close as if he were to blink she would disappear just like all his friends and the man he loved, 

"Daddy loves you Hope, I promise nothing will ever happen to you" he kisses his daughter's head and she grabs onto his finger as he trails it down the bridge of her nose 

"you will always have me Hope I promise"

Remus promised his daughter that, the tall scarred man had lost more in one night than he thought was possible but he knew that as long as he had his daughter things would be okay, so that night as he cried he held on to his daughter the only thing keeping him anchored to his sanity.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

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