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"3...2...1... that's a wrap! Congratulations, Kate. That ends your final therapy session. You did great!" Jennifer, my physiotherapist, said enthusiastically.

"Finally!" I shouted in pure joy. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but... I must say, I'm so excited to go back to school." I added with a laugh. She laughed with me as well. "You're really great, Jen. Thanks a lot."

"Nah. This is all you, girl. Usually it will take months to recover from that injury, but you pushed yourself and did really great for faster recovery." She said in a proud tone. "But," Of course, after those series of praises, there is always a but. "That doesn't mean that you're completely recovered, okay? You can get back to your cheering squad, miss cheerleader, just be extra careful this time." She ended with a warning tone.

"Really?" I asked. "Really?" I repeated just to make sure that I heard the right words.

"Yes, of course! You just have to be careful with your pyramids next time if you don't want to end up here again."

"I know, I know. I doubt they will still put me on top of the pyramid after this." I motioned to my then healing foot.

The moment I fell from the top of the pyramid during practice, I feared that I will be kicked out of the squad and worst, I won't be able to cheer for Justin's games anymore.

Justin is my best friend. The captain of the basketball team. His love for this game led me to join the cheering squad—to watch his every game, practices, and show my full support. This is my way of saying that I'd always and forever be your number one fan—your very own cheerleader.


It may sound a bit of... cringe? obsessive? Whatever word classified this, I just don't care. As long as I'm with Justin, that would make me really happy. I may not be playing his favorite game with him, as long as I'd be there cheering for him while doing the thing he loves the most, that's more than enough, right?

I'm that kind of best friend—very supportive in every thing he loves. I should have won that best bestfriend award by now. Can someone hand me the trophy already?

I may have pushed myself so hard in order to recover quickly. Semis are finally coming and I wouldn't want to miss that. I want to be there for Justin. This will be his final year playing basketball and they've been doing great so far, there is no doubt they will make it to the finals as well. I really need to get better to be with him on that special day.

"I doubt that. I heard that you're a great cheerleader." Jennifer voiced out, suddenly pulling me out of my train of thoughts. "But on other note, when is your boyfriend coming?"

"What?" Okay, that really made me snap out of reality."What boyfriend are you talking about, Jen? I've been single my whole life!" I told her with a laugh.

"You mean the guy who had been coming here with you is not your boyfriend at all?" She asked incredulously.

I turned to her and answered with a smile. "He is my best friend."

We always get this kind of impression, that we are couples.

Justin and I have been best friends since forever. We're childhood friends, goes to the same school, lives in the same neighborhood, and as cliche as it sounds, the windows to our rooms were just opposite each other. Yeah, just like one of Taylor's music videos.

Like literally that close.

Whenever we hear that kind of comment, we just both laugh at it and correct them by saying... 'We are best friends. He or she is like a brother or sister to me.'

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