Chapter Two

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Putting enough spray on his dress Zain looked at the mirror to look at his handsome complexion and he smirked. Yes, His wedding was over. That was the most dramatic things in his entire life. Now he is ready to go to wedding night not for love but for revenge.

He is one type of person who can't forget and forgive easily.

With a smirk he is ready to meet his bride whom the entire world believed his love, yes his beloved Naina. Not the irony.

"Zain, follow me. " Seeing Ayaan, Naina's brother in law welcoming him, he just smiled like it would be such an amazing over like in the cricket match.

But when he entered the room which is not decorated or not even looking at least a wedding night room, he looked at the figure in front of him with amusement. What is actually happening and where is Naina.

"Seeing your both actings till today, we families decided something. So you sleep today with me and Naina will sleep with her sister, Neha. " He announced with coolest way possible.

"Like I care. " Zain murmured just enough for him to hear. But Ayaan being Ayaan didn't mind it.


On the other hand Naina is sitting in a well decorated room at the center. Expecting Zain to come at any instant. Her heart is racing with fear but her brain is bouncing with ideas to avenge him. Her hand is holding a knife that is hiding in between her lehenga. She don't enter any court without any plans.

Breaking all her expectations Neha walks in the room and closed the door.

"Di." She uttered.

"Zain won't come. " She stopped for a while to read the expression on her face and added, "he will sleep with Ayaan. Anyway you two are better actors. He is doing advertisement,but why you didn't try it yet? "

Neha is in amazing mood by witnessing all the acts Naina thrown till now. Knowing about her sister very well. Naina stood up still holding the knife in between her lehenga and went to wash room. After cleaning up well and hiding the knife somewhere, she walked out. Without bothering about her sister sleeping besides her, she just turned the light off and think about all those things happened till now. Wiping away the drop of tear that is passed to her cheeks, she entered the land of nod.


3 years before

Like any other girls, Naina entered the gate of college with expectations. From today her World is changing, new friends and new atmosphere. She is for the very first time starting to live in a hostal with 3 more roommates. They will get to know today.

Blue jeans, orange crap top, a pony tail on her long hair leaving some strands on her face. She is looking beautiful with eye liner and a little lip balm. She is having all the expectations for starting a new life.

Naina Farook khan, the middle daughter of the three daughters. Unlike her other two sisters she is not outspoken, talk only little, used to study on the girls only school, with lot of restrictions from the home.

Everyone in her family knows like to compare her with sisters, those two are talkative and she is silent. When in any family function, she feels like she is left out, because everyone is curious in her other sisters thing.

So hoping to change all those atmosphere and getting new friends, she admitted to a college with hostal. But she doesn't know that the same college will play with her life. The unexpected is waiting for her.

After entering the college gate, her eyes stuck at the big picture of man who is holding a bat and looking charming. 'Congrats Zain Zainab for entering the IPL. You are the proud of our college. 'It is written on the board.

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