Chapter One

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"The wedding of Indian cricketor who debuted the international cricket last week with a stunning 50 on his first ODI. Like all of you, I am too excited to know who will be the bride. He is a man of perfection like the way he swing the bat and off course his choice won't be bad." The reported smiled after announcing that on the live.

Even though it is a big wedding, only one reporter is allowed inside. So many celebrities, cricketers, actors and singers already reached the venue to witness the marriage of the future of Indian cricket, Zain Zainab, literally knows as ZZ of the international cricket.

The wedding Hall is suspiciously decorated with white flowers as he said his bride loves white flowers the most. It is clearly a love marriage like all the world knows. Family is brimming in happiness.

"Zain came. " Neha announced to everyone including her husband who is ready to perform all the act of brother of the bride.

Zain walks to the stage like a prince in his beautiful suit like a handsome man. His hairstyle and his presence never drop the confidence in him. With a beautiful smile he looked at his parents and headed to sit on the sofa waiting for his bride.

Farooq khan, his father in law and Ayaan occupied on the stage and everyone started the rituals. The whole world is waiting for the marriage and to see the glimpse of the bride.

"Noora, go and check whether your sister got ready yet. " Laila asked her youngest daughter to check on her middle daughter who is the eye of this marriage, yes, the bride.

Noora by talking selfie continuously knocked on the door,

"Naina di, are you ready. Your groom is ready. " She teased but got no response from inside.

"Di... Are you inside. Can you make a sound. " Till silence welcomed her. Having no option left, she locked her phone and opened the door only to see an empty room inside.

There is no trance of her elder sister, for whom the entire world is waiting to see a glimpse of her. Both the family are happy to see her marriage but she is no where.

Panting Noora searched the room to get any clue but there is only a letter remains, nothing more or nothing less. Reading the letter Noora felt like the floor is drenching down. With shivering eyes and panting heart she walked out side hiding the letter within her dupatta and her phone.

"Neha di, Mom, Dad, Ayaan bhai. I have to tell you something in private. " Hearing the tensed voice of their cheering daughter everyone smelled something wrong.

"Excuse me. " Saying so Ayaan left Zain but his brother Fahad accompanied him making Zain raise his eye brow.

"What happened? " Fahad asked.

Noora showed the letter to Neha.

'Mom, Dad, Neha, Ayaan jeeju and little Noora.

I am so sorry to say but I won't marry that man Zain. I agree that it was me who pestered for this marriage but it won't be good if we marry. He pretend to love me to take revenge on me after marriage. He still don't know that I came to know about his plan. And me, taking revenge on this wedding day to make humiliate on him.

Everyone don't worry, I am in our home. Can you ask them to cancel the wedding? '

All of them shocked at her letter. Naina, who forced them to agree for their love marriage, now saying all of it is a part of revenge.

"I never thought that she will play such an act. What are she thinking of herself, humiliating his family then what about us? She herself humiliating all of us. Call her and ask her to come here soon. " Her father announced.

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