Intro: Maria's Town

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Introduction: Maria's Town

When Maria was a small child, her parents always swore that she was the most beautiful girl to ever exist, but they never admitted it to anyone aside from each other, rather they were modest of their daughter's beauty, for in Maria's town, it was tradition for the fairest maiden to be offered to the king as a gift. Maria rarely went outside for her parent's fear of her being taken away, until she was 16, when she was considered grown up and old enough for marriage and a family in her town. Her parents could no longer shield her from the grasps of the cruel, cruel king.

"Should we tell her?" Maria's mother whispered after Maria bid her last goodbye and was ambling away from the house.

"She wouldn't believe us if we did," her father murmured, tears welling up in his eyes. He couldn't watch anymore, so he sauntered back into his house without looking back at his daughter who had nothing but her clothes, cloak, and a single sack. Maria's somber mother followed. They felt as if there was norhing they coulddo, because it was wrong for citizens to speak out in Maria's town.

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