Seth Rollins

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You were hanging out backstage with the other divas when you felt someone wrap their arms around you from behind. All the divas were smiling as you turned around to see who it was that grabbed you.

Seth. You guys hadn't been dating, but were close friends. Most of the divas say you two flirt with each other all the time, but you weren't going to believe it.

"Did you see my match?" Seth asked while hugging you.

"Yeah, I wanted to tell you that you looked great out there." you reply back.

Seth laughed a little before saying, "Don't I always?"

Smiling, you push him away from the embrace playfully. He mentions something about needing to talk to Triple H then leaves. You turn back to the divas who are all smiling.

"What?" you ask.

"Just friends, huh?" Nikki asks.

"Yes!" you exclaim, but you couldn't help but to smile.

"That, to me, looked nothing like just friends," Natalya added.

"Whatever," you reply, "I need to go get ready for my match."

1... 2... 3! Counted the ref. The ref held your hand up as Eva rolled out of the ring. You smiled to the crowd and walked back down the ramp and emerged backstage where Seth waited to congratulate you as he always did.

"You did great out there! You really caught the audience."

"Don't I always?" you mocked.

Seth smiled and looked down, "Listen, Y/N, I have been wondering..." he looked up into your eyes, "If you would like to join me on a date?"

Speechless, you just nodded your head, which received a smile in return from Seth.

"Great," he said, "I'll, uh, pick you up after the show?"

"Yeah," you said with a broad smile snaking across your face.

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