--Chapter 5--


He lifted me up and turned me around so I was facing him.

Then he started leaning forward...

End of recap.

...until i could feel his hot minty breath on my lips. I had the urge to lean fowrd and press my lips to his.

Which is exactly what i did.

The moment i felt his lips on mine it was as if something had exploded inside if me. I felt this warmth curse through my body and making my legs give out from under me and making me break the kiss.He was already holding me by the waist which saved me from falling to the floor. Noah looked down at me and i noticed that he was smiling adorably, his whole face lighting up in the process.

We stood there staring at eachother trying to get our breathing to normal. Then the bell rang. Indicating that we were great for bio. Great. The meanest teacher and we are late for the first class.

We quickly grabed our bags and books and rushed next door, where old cranky Mr. Simons was waiting ready to pounce on his next victims. Us. We stood there awkwardly while he glared at us but surprisingly he just pointed at a table at the back for us to sit.

I sat for a whole our thinking about that kiss and the weird wave of warmth that had surged through my body. Odd. I've never heard of that happening to anyone before. I should talk to someone about it. The only problem is that i have no girl friends. They all hate me for some extrange reason. So that leaves Jakey-boy, my brothers and my aunt. Which means that i need to talk to Jake.

((((after school))))

As i was walking towards Jakes car i noticed Noah getting into Ethans car. Which meant that i was cooking burgers tonight. I dont know how they can eat that much. They eat at least two burgers each. And let me tell you my burgers are huge.

We stayed silent for the whole car ride and when we got to my house, instead of leaving, jake parked the car, turned it off and got out. Great two more bugers to cook.

I opened the door and walked in. I could hear my brothers and logan talking in the front room. I was walking towards them wgen i heard logan tell my brothers something which shocked me half to death.

"Guys i have great news. I,Logan Greenwood, have found my mate!! I not mateless anymore!!! Woo-hoooo!!"

Wait. Mate?!?!?!?

I have heard someone say that before in a movie somewhere. I pushed this thoughts out of my mind as i walked throught the doors. What i saw made me burst out laughing.

Logan was dancing arround the room and my brothers were also jumping around while screaming stuff like "hell yeah!" and "finally!!" but the one that caught my attention the most was when Ethan screamed. "Our alpha found his mate!!!"

Wait... Alpha?

As in....WEREWOLF?!?!??


How was it?











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