Suzume's POV

   "I'm sorry you had to taste such awful blood," Gaara murmured to Mother, Shukaku inside his head. "But this blood will taste so good."

   Temari was horrified. "The conversations started already? This isn't good." Kankuro and I shakily nodded in agreement.

   Hikari and Fumiko both looked at us like we were insane, but they were smart enough to keep their mouths shut. 

   From the start, Sasuke used taijutsu on Gaara. His speed was much greater, equaling even Rock Lee's.

   Fumiko looked shocked. "He's fighting just like Lee would!" She whispered. I glanced nervously down at the scene, Sasuke's speed was so great. But Gaara must have some trick up his sleeve.

   He created a thick shell of sand, growing layer by layer. Sending some chakra to my ears, I sharpened my hearing, and heard Gaara chanting.

   He's transforming.

   Well, obviously!

   If he does this early, not only will Sasuke die, but the plan will be ruined!


   Shukaku subsided, muttering "Blood, I haven't tasted it in so many years"

   "Is Sasuke going to try and break the shield?" Fumiko asked. "He's just standing there."

   "No, he's going to set up balloons and streamers so they can throw a surprise party when Gaara gets out of the shell!" She said sarcastically. "Of course he will!"

   Sasuke charged at the sand, trying to crack it open with a punch. As I expected, spikes emerged, and he recoiled, his bloody hand clenched in a fist. Jumping back, he headed up the wall.

   Grabbing his left wrist, he began to run as fast as he can down the wall. His hand sparked with blue chakra, making the sound of many chirping birds. I remembered my chakra, the distinctive green color it is. With one stab with his arm, he drilled right through Gaara's sand barrier.

   There was a moment of silence, before I heard my brother's piercing scream. "BLOOD! IT'S MY BLOOD!" 

   Kankuro and Temari gasped. I started to hyperventilate, a stabbing pain shot through my left shoulder. Falling to my knees, Hikari and Fumiko ran to my side.

   "Are you okay?" Fumiko asked sympathetically.

   I gritted my teeth. "Thank you for asking, but please leave me alone," I murmured. They quickly backed off. I don't want company right now.

   "I'm sorry..." I whispered.

   Gaara's sand collapsed, revealing blood dripping from his left shoulder, the same place where it hurt me. But I wasn't bleeding. Gaara slowly walked over towards Sasuke.

* * *

   Suddenly, the signal went off, bringing me to my feet. The pain was beginning to dull. Kabuto should have done the genjutsu sometime around now. Hikari and Fumiko frantically ran off to their sensei, and I hopped over the balcony rail, running to Gaara..

   "I.. must.. KILL HIM!" Gaara said, before dropping to his knees, grabbing his head. Sensei began to scold Gaara, but I'm sure he wasn't listening.

   "Gaara is the trump card of our village! How will the operation succeed without him?"

   Kankuro flashed me a look, like maybe I should fill in Gaara's spot until he recovers. He shook his head, a subtle motion only I detected.

   "What is it, Kankuro?" Sensei demanded.

   "Nothing," He said with a sigh.

   "Then you will just have to wait for Gaara to recover. Temari and Suzume, tend to his wounds. Kankuro, fend off any attacks until Gaara is ready."

    "Wait!" I said quickly.

   "You're wasting precious time! What is it?" He growled.

   "Let me fend off any attackers," I pleaded.

   "But Kankuro-" Sensei objected.

   "But Kankuro NOTHING!" I hissed.


   Shut up!

   "Just let the little squirt. She's stronger than you think," Kankuro said calmly. "Besides, when was the last time you actually tested our abilities?"

   "Now isn't the time for accusations, Kankuro! Now GO!" Sensei ordered.

  Temari picked Gaara up and carried him over her shoulder, the four of us taking off into the forest, the arena disappearing behind us.

* * *

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