Natural Awareness

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     My name is Lydia Frederick and I have been working on an Awareness Monitor and suit that deals with electromagnetic fields and nanotechnology. I had worked for the technology company Avirant Technologies who was at this time going to receive a big money deal in order to keep funding for many years many of the new projects. I had a secret underground laboratory behind my cabin that I had deep in the woods. I had a neighbor close by who was sort of a recluse by the name of Cody Elston who walked around the nearby town with a cane. The both of us lived deep in one of the forests of Minnesota. I have lived in Minnesota for over 4 years and I admit that I love going to a baseball game when I have time.

       My father was Phil Frederick who owned a martial arts dojo and was also a very successful stuntman. My mother was Amber Foster and she was a zoologist at the zoo. The both of them met at the local gym and according to the both of them when they met it was love at first sight.  Because of my father I learned how to protect myself and because of my mother I developed a love for science and animals. I did not have a lot of friends growing up at first until I hit puberty and got my mother's great looks. Fortunately, I also acquired the intellect of both my parents and the sense of awareness of what was right and what was wrong. My dad also liked technology and in a sense that was another one of my daily skills that I added.

      I had fully developed a huge computer mainframe and a bodysuit that were connected to The Awareness Module Program. At first, I could find out what different types of animals were thinking like ants, worms, birds and even bees. I could communicate with them and their messages for me could be received through The Awareness Monitor which I could see at the right side of my helmet screen. I had a lot of friends in my adult life and I was not only a zoologist like my mother, but I also had degrees in biotechnology and nanotechnology. I guess I dedicated most of my early life to my work and it was later on that I learned how to balance my work with my social life. I always liked living out in the woods as its serene atmosphere did soothe my imagination and it gave me many ideas for my work. Every time that I had a new idea I wrote it down in a notebook and later on I went to see if I could use it.

     One day while I was out in my technological bodysuit with my helmet on the suit was suddenly struck by lightning. I was knocked unconscious for some time, yet when I woke up it seemed that everything was all right except that now I was seeing on my screen a point of view from some sort of animal that was walking through the forest on the screen of my helmet. The animal was looking at a house and out of that house my neighbor Cody Elston was walking around with his cane and he was calling someone on his phone. A few moments later, he had a heart attack and fell down knocking his phone out of his hands. My instincts and my thoughts were thinking to help him and the animal got closer to Cody Elston to check up on him. Then a message appeared on my helmet screen which said: "How can I help him?" I said to the animal to give him his phone. The animal picked up the phone by getting it in its mouth and gave it to Cody who actually had the strength to dial 911 and tell the operator that he just had a heart attack. Cody then said something that surprised me as he said: "I can't believe that a fox helped save my life."

      So for the first time I was actually seeing what an animal saw which had not happened before. I took my helmet and my suit off and then proceeded to run straight to go to my place and get my cell phone. After that I ran as quickly towards Cody's home. As I ran I called 911 and told them all the necessary information of the exact location where Cody was. I got to Cody and asked him where the keys to his car were located. As I turned around the fox had the keys in its mouth and gave them to me. Fortunately for Cody he had a mild heart attack and after I got him in the car we got in time to the hospital. I stayed with him until I knew that he was all right. He asked me how I knew that he was in trouble and I told him what had happened. He found that my research had made a significant breakthrough. I agreed and when I got home the fox which had helped Cody which I ended up adopting as a pet that I named Ansel which means protector. I was able to design a collar for Ansel so that I could know where he was. I was able to pitch to my boss Emma Collins how foxes could be useful in saving people's lives because Ansel had shown to be a very helpful companion around my house. Ansel was loyal to me because I gave him a home. Emma loved the ideas of the collar that I designed which now had a camera with audio at the front which recorded everything that a fox could see along with the idea to install a button that the pet fox could push on the lower part of a wall if there is an emergency. In a way the trained foxes would be a sort of caregiver looking out for their owners and looking out for their health. Emma also told me that the company got a big donation to fund my work as Cody Elston had provided several millions of dollars to fund The Health Awareness Pet Program. I was able to get many foxes out of the animal shelters that they were in and with my technology they were trained to look after the person or people that would give them a home. I never thought that my life would benefit many people around the world, but if my life has taught me anything, it is that life can be full of some unexpected surprises.

        The foxes would also be trained to guard their owners if any burglars tried to break into the home after they use the wall button to alert the proper authorities. As it turned out it was good to know that a fox could use information on the Earth's magnetic field as a range finder to hunt its prey. A fox could sense the magnetic northerly direction as a patch of dark or light. In the northern hemisphere the magnetic field tilts downwards below the horizontal at an angle of 60-70°, so the fox edges forward in search of the point at which the angle of the sound from the prey meets the slope of the magnetic field. At that point the prey is a fixed jump distance away. It is good to know that my work has animals helping their owners and as I keep working I am sure that over time I will be able to improve what I am working on.

                                                                     The End

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