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If friendship is like a treasure, why are we so hesitant to find the key? Experiencing companionship is not just a chapter in every person's life that must be discovered, it is the summery of a book that draws the attention. It is impossible to create friendships, much like it is not possible to eat a sandwich without the bread. But, one can earn friendships. 

These days, true friends do not exist because they prefer attention rather than the people that really care.  Getting the spotlight becomes all that one thinks of, and will do anything to get there, even if it means turning their back on their friends.  Finding that one person may seem millions of miles away, but honestly, if you let your true colors show, and not get sidetracked by the neon color distractions, then you will find that one person. That person, who is always there for you, and loves you as you. 

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