Chapter 24

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London, 2014

It was a dreary morning to begin with as he headed into the hospital. His grim and sad face gained a half reasurring smile from the front desk nurse as she guided him where he needed to go.

"Right this way Mr. Michael's," he turned to follow her.

He nodded and followed her towards the elevator. His thoughts were so muddled with lack of sleep.
When he got the call from his secretary about Tara, he immediately booked a flight and told his chauffeur to turn around and head to JFK airport.

Deep down inside he was reeling with guilt and knew what he did was wrong.
He was a horrible father. A man that ran from his responsibility to be one. The moment Nancy fell ill and her health took a turn for the worse, he panicked and let his depression take the best of him.

The love of his life was dead. He took a plunge into the bottle and turned his back on everything. His whole life made no sense without her and he felt in no condition to raise Tara.
He could barely take care of himself.

If it wasn't for Ted and his best friend Jonathan he would have surely fell off the face of the earth. When they found him he was a mess. They helped him in so many ways. And when he decided that it was best that Doreen take care of Tara, they supported him.
They helped by keeping him in contact with her even though Doreen would knowingly have a fit.

He followed the nurse that led him to where Tara was.
He entered and his heart ached.
He saw Mimi by her side asleep.
Doreen in the far corner on a chair and Andrew and Carl stretched on the floor.

He walked closer to gently lay a hand on Mimi's head. Slowly she stired and lifted her head. Looking around her eyes looked at him. She immediately stood up and landed in his arms. She wept and he hugged her close resting his chin on her head.

"Uncle Greg she won't wake up." She cried.

"What are you doing here?" The familiar voice asked as Mimi stiffened in his arms.

Letting go of him she turned to look at the angry glare in her mothers eyes.

Between clenched teeth he gave a half smile.

"Doreen," he nodded.

"You don't have a right to be here," she said.

He shook his head and in a low tone he spoke.
"I have ever right to be here shes my daughter,"

Doreen shook her head angrily.

" No, you turned your back on her. Remember?"

"How long are you going to keep reminding me" his voice rose a little.

"The longer it will take to know she doesn't need you," she dashed away a tear.

Shaking his head with a half laugh.
"She needs me she always has," he replied.

"Really then where were you this whole time," she shot back.

"Right by her side. I've been there for her for the last 7 yrs." Greg blurted out.

Confused Doreen blinked and she frowned.

With a triumphant smile he nodded his head.
"That's right. Who do you think paid for all of her ballet classes, swim classes, cheer leading tryouts and uniform, her admission to college and Mimi's?" He said.

Doreen shook her head more confused.
"It was scholarships"

He shook his head.
"No. It was me the dead beat dad." He snipped.

She immediately looked at Mimi accusingly.
"You knew?"
Mimi looked away.
Greg hugged her around the shoulder and pulled her close.

"Don't blame it on her she is not the one that refused to let me see my daughter."

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