Chapter 2

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The first week of college went fast as Winter accomplished her works at the dorm and practice her choreo at the dance room. Some may call it exhausting but Winter was able to manage her time.

You and Winter have been getting close at the university as Winter was having fun seeing you at the university.

She felt a little bad when you failed the suprise quiz as she chuckled at you. She decides to treat you today since she felt bad for you. She messaged you ahead of time that she would treat you.

You didn't want to be a burden to her so you decline but she said that treating you was a way of her encouraging you to do better.

You just decided to agree. It's free food anyway.

You 2 agreed to meet at the Mart that you met on the first day. You decided to wear a white hoddie, denim pants and black vans.

Winter on the other hand wore something simple. A white hoodie, blue denims and white high cut shoes.

When Karina noticed that Winter was leaving she asked her.

"Hey, where are you going?"

"Hmm? Oh I'm gonna go treat Y/n."

"You what?!"

Karina exclaimed as Winter was a little startled. Her sudden raise of voice made the other 2 look at them.

"Is something wrong Unnie?"

Ningning asked as Giselle looked at the 2. Karina sighted and said

"Are you sure you're not going on a date?"

"Date? No of course not. I feel bad for him since I laughed at him when he got a low score on a suprise quiz."


"Ouch indeed Giselle."

Karina slumped her shoulder as she went to Winter and patted her shoulder.

"Listen, if your in trouble or if he's acting weird, call me IMMEDIATELY. okay?"

"Yes Mom~"

"Yah. I'm being serious here. If your feeling uncomfortable with him, call me. I'll make sure he's dead."

Winter chuckled at her as she felt a little moved by her leader.

"Okay, I will. Don't worry. I'll be fine."





"Eh? There's more flavor than spicy?"

You exclaimed as Winter chuckled at you and playfully slapped your shoulder.

"Yah! Are you insulting us??"

"No I didn't mean it like that.. I'm sorry I-"

"Hahaha it's fine. I was joking! Haha youre to gullible Y/n"

You chuckled at her as she laughed under her mask. You two decided to eat at a chicken wing restaurant since she was craving for wings. You 2 went for a seat as she chose a more private area which confused you.

"I didn't know restaurants have private areas."

"Oh umm... It is used by celebrities and idols to avoid eyes from the media."

"Ohh I see.. Wait then it must have cost a fortune. Min I don't think-"

"Its fine, my company paid for this and they knew I was going here."

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