Suzume's POV

   "Neji, no!" Fumiko cried out. "I don't want either of you to get hurt!"

   "Don't worry, Fumiko. I'll be fine. This will be over in less than five minutes."

   Gai was in the middle of watching TenTen do some target practice, so he didn't seem to notice us.

   Neji made the first move. His hand enveloped in blue chakra, he thrust his palm out, aiming for my torso.

   You better protect me...

   Why do you think I'm here?

   Because of my father

   Smart you.

   I just stood there, trying not to laugh at Neji's confusion as his hand was stopped a few inches away from me. He drew back, trying to figure out what to do next. I took the opprotunity to unplug my tube of air. It quickly flowed out of the container, circling around me.

   Neji ran up to me. "Eight trigrams! Sixty-Four Palms!" He called out. He tried to strike me, but I stopped him with wind every time.

   "Two palms!"

   "Four palms!"

   "Eight palms!"

   "Sixteen palms!"

   "Thirty two palms!"

   After thirty-two palms, the strikes came quicker and quicker, and I think a few almost hit me..

   "Sixty-four palms!"

   I fell to my knees. He struck me the very last time, the sixty-fourth palm. Luckily, none were in any vital spots.

   Give me some time. It's not like you've ever been in a real fight like this before. I haven't fought in years.

   Neji started to catch his breath. He hit me once in my torso. It hurt like heck, but I still stood up. One arm clutching where it hurt.

   "Foolish! You can't defeat me, even with the help of your demon! It is my destiny to defeat you. You're destined to lose against me," He started to chuckle. "You're worse than Hinata!"

   I felt rage start to boil from within me.

   Just kill this kid already! Use the jutsu!

   I was tempted to, but I won't. I sent air out, catching him by surprise. I held his wrists together, and his ankles together. I checked to see where Gai was, and he was still off in the distance. I saw him look over in our direction, and I released my grip on Neji. He glanced at me, but then gave up. I walked up to him.

   I grinned. "Doubt me again," I laughed. It didn't look like he was listening.

   "I didn't know who to vote for! My teammate or my friend!" Fumiko said, smiling.

   Friend. I've never really had a friend.

   "If Gai sensei asks, that was a friendly spar." I nodded.

   "That was actually kind of fun!" I said.

   "I guess so," Neji said, Looking up at the clouds.

Neji's POV

     "Foolish! You can't defeat me, even with the help of your demon! It is my destiny to defeat you. You're destined to lose against me," My words were laced with lies. I saw how her brother fought, and no doubt he's teaching her. "You're worse than Hinata!"

   I saw Suzume grit her teeth. I glanced nervously over at Fumiko. With my byakugan, I saw air headed towards me. It was too late. The air gripped my arms and legs. She held on for a few seconds, then mysteriously let go.

* * *

   "That was actually kind of fun!" Suzume said, awkwardly holding were I hit her..

   "I guess so," I said, Looking up at the clouds. I never faced anyone like this. She might rival Lee! She's not as good as her brother, though. Facing her made me a little unsure about fighting Naruto, but the insecurity didn't last more than a second. Naruto is a hyperactive goofball, while Suzume is privately trained by one of the strongest Genin to walk the face of the earth.

   I felt Gai sensei give me a hard pat on the back. "Looks like you've found a rival, eh, Neji?" He teased. I'm not in the mood for this. Ignoring him, I walked off into the trees, headed home to train by myself.

Suzume's POV

    I watched curiously as Neji walked away. TenTen came up to me.

   "What was that all about?" She asked.

   "Not sure," Fumiko said, probably confused as well. "Maybe he's just in one of his moods."

   Gai was listening to us. "Sometimes you never know with someone like him."

   This was getting really awkward really fast. "I better go," I said to the three of them. Fumiko looked sad. "See you soon!" She said.

   "Farewell, Suzume, we'll see you at the exams!" Gai stated. TenTen waved.

   "Bye," She said.

* * *

   "Why did you leave without telling me?" Gaara growled. "Didn't I tell you if you did that again I'd kill you?"

   I panicked a little. "Y-Yeah, but I was just doing some taijutsu training, that's all," Pain gripped my side, where Neji hit me.

   He glared at me. "You're lying, it's obvious," I hopped up on the roof and sat next to him.

   I sighed. "I had a friendly spar, that's all. I'm fine."

   "With who?" He demanded.

   "Neji Hyuga," I said like it was no big deal.

   He dismissed it like it was no big deal. "Fine. Are you alright?"

   "Yes," I said, staring up at the sunset, countless brilliant colors streaked across the sky.

* * *

   I woke up, stretching. I went to sleep early yesterday, and I'm not sure why. Sleeping seemed to dull the pain, but I ached badly. Taking the day off after three straight weeks of training seemed like a good idea.

   Walking out into the living room, I saw Gaara was already headed out the door. "I'm going to do something. Don't you dare follow me." At that, he left, to wherever he was going to go.

   And he thinks I wouldn't follow him!

* * *

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