An apple and a juice box (hate on me, I dare you) in hand, I headed up to the roof. Gaara was fiddling around with sand in his room, Kankuro was tinkering with his puppet, and Temari was still sleeping.

Opening my window, I balanced my juice box and apple in midair with wind from the jar, which is proving very useful. Once I climbed up, setting my things on the roof, I noticed there was someone on the roof!

I just stood there, feeling very awkward, watching someone laying there, watching the sky. He had a slight tan and his dark brown hair was tied in a spiky ponytail at the top of his head. Sitting up, he gazed at me.

"Oh, someone lives here. What a drag," He said with a bored expression. "Wait, what are you doing here from the Sand Village?" He pointed to my forehead protector on my arm.

"I'm here for the chunin exams. I'm Suzume of the Sand. But why are you here?" I asked. The guy stood up.

"I'm Shikamaru Nara, I kind of live here in the Leaf Village. I was at the chunin exams, too. I came here because I liked the clouds at this angle," He replied, before slowly walking over to the edge of the roof. "I better go. Asuma Sensei probably wants me for training. Such a drag," Shikamaru said, jumping of the roof, and casually walking away. Quite the interesting person if you ask me.

* * *

I walked off through the leaves, a cool wind blowing through the branches. It was getting too quiet at the house, so I decided to head out to the woods to do some taijutsu training. Gaara wouldn't much help in this area.

"The power of youth shall prevail! Neji! Fumiko! TenTen! We shall begin our taijutsu training!" That was Gai's ever so irritating voice. He sounds like one of those self-help people who get people going with those insane speeches.

"Yeah!" TenTen and Fumiko's voices exclaimed, resounding through the trees.

"Childish." That must be Neji. I sensed strong chakra, and my Shukaku stirred. "Let's begin, I guess. Byakugan!" I froze. I heard rumors about the byakugan. It can sense chakra from great distances. How can I get away? If I made too much noise, they could hear me but if I- It's no use.

He sensed me right away. "There's someone here," Neji said, and paused for a moment. "But..."

"But what?" TenTen urged impatiently.

"I don't know," He confessed. "I sense two kinds of chakra. One person. One is normal, the other, just... I don't know." He sounded perplexed. I was amused.

The whole forest was silent, the only noise came from the peaceful songbirds.

Then, the bush behind me started to shake. I whipped around, unplugging my container of air. Out came Neji and Fumiko.

Fumiko smiled. "Hey, Suzume!" I waved.

"Hey Fumiko! And hi, Neji," I greeted the two of them.

"Why are you out here alone? You can't just be going on a leisurely stroll through the woods," Neji asked, still using his byakugan. He appears to be scanning up and down me, probably checking out my chakra.

"Just training," I said with a shrug. Fumiko jumped up and down, looking excited.

"Come train with us!" She said excitedly.

I grinned, nodding. "Sure!" I said, and followed eagerly back to where they were training.

* * *

"Ah, Fumiko, Neji! It seems you've brought a friend. Suzume, isn't it? I remember from your particularly striking red hair," Gai spoke with a certain flair. Sass. "Come train with us, we are getting into taijutsu combinations." He stopped for a moment and looked at me. "Looks like you've got something following you," He motioned to my side.

I forgot to reseal the wind into the jar! Without any hand motions, I willed the air back into the container, plugging it back up. "Sorry about that," I said shyly.

"Alright! Let's go, my youthful students and their youthful friend!" Man, it must be embarrassing to be with him in public.

We trained with many different variations of punches, kicks, and other types of taijutsu, while Neji practiced his Gentle Fist somewhere else. I've never been the best at taijutsu, but I still try.

In the middle of our training, Kakashi, Hikari, and Sasuke walked through where we were.

"Well, looks like we ran into a few friends along the way," Kakashi said cheerfully.


Gai faced off with Kakashi, doing one of their insane challenges, while Hikari and Sasuke. The second Hikari saw Fumiko, the two were all up in each others faces, trying to intimidate one another. That's when I remembered- they're opponents on the exams!

"Defeating you in the exams will be amusing," Hikari challenged.

Fumiko smirked. "I'd like to see you try!"

At that moment, Kakashi called Hikari and Sasuke back, and they left to find a training spot.

After a few hours, we all stopped to take a quick water break, and Neji came back to talk to us.

"I watched you all train," He said, agknowledging Fumiko. She blushed.

Next, he turned to me, his hands in his pockets. "And you," He said to me. "You're a jinchuriki, aren't you?"

I stiffened, and I'm pretty sure I either went pale or turned red.

"Um..." I looked at Fumiko for some advice. I finally got some confidence. I straightened up a little, looking straight at Neji.

"Yes," I said simply. for what seemed like a very long time, the two of them were silent, trying to soak that in. Then Neji sighed.

He activated his byakugan, getting into an offensive stance. I don't have a good feeling about this...

"Well then, jinchuriki, show me what you can do."

* * *

Hope you liked it!

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