Final Challenge 1/2

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•Sorry for the wait! Thank you all for your patience!•

After the break they all got ready for the next and final challenge. Mic announced the first two combatants. "Hitoshi Aizawa VS Izuku Midoriya!"

As both Hitoshi and Izuku got up onto the stage, they nodded in agreement to the fact that they wouldn't hold back. "BEGIN!"
Hitoshi used the new scarf that Aizawa had recently given him and launched it at Izuku. Dodging, Izuku used OFA to kick off the ground and towards Hitoshi, his hand reeling backwards as it formed a fist. Hitoshi wrapped his scarf around Izuku's ankle and yanked him down. "How about you just surrender?" Izuku didn't answer but instead smirked as his body disappeared. Hitoshi quickly retracted his scarf and looked down at the shadows nearby him. After a few tense seconds Izuku reappeared out of Hitoshi's own shadow and kicked his back, making him fall face first into the ground. Not wasting even a second, Izuku ran over to Hitoshi and pulled on his scarf, effectively choking him. With one hand grasping at the scarf on his neck, Hitoshi attempted to punch Izuku but his wrist was quickly in Izuku's clutch. He yanked Hitoshi back down into the ground and put his arm behind his back, tightening the pull on the scarf. "Surrender yet Hito?" His voice had a slight mocking tone to it.
Hitoshi's face was quickly becoming a bright red and slight shade of purple. Izuku seemed to hesitate a second, unsure if he was meant to continue but his emotions quickly hardened. They had made a promise to not allow their connection to affect this. "Last chance" He grabbed Hitoshi's hair and pulled it to raise his head slowly off the ground. Hitoshi made futile attempts at wriggling free, not even having enough breath to speak. With one quick motion, Izuku brought down Hitoshi's head into the concrete, effectively knocking him out. The audience was silent before erupting into a loud cheer. "..Winner: IZUKU MIDORIYA!"
As soon as he heard that, Izuku let go of the scarf and loosened it around Hitoshi's neck. The medical bots came onto the stage and Izuku helped them take Hitoshi to Recovery Girl.

•After the rest of the fights•

"Shoto Todoroki Vs Izuku Midoriya!"

"I won't lose to you Midoriya" Todoroki's voice was cold and empty. Izuku nodded "Good luck"


Todoroki sent ice spikes towards Izuku but they were easily evaded as Izuku had jumped high into the air. As he approached the ground at a quickening speed he began to charge OFA into his entire arm. As he was about to land into the concrete in a way it was doubtful any normal person could survive, his body instead disappeared. Sounds of subtle confusion could be heard from the crowd as they looked around the arena for Izuku. Todoroki was preparing to launch more ice but was caught off guard as he was suddenly punched in the back by an extreme force and sent straight into the ice he had previously made. Luckily, his ice had spread quickly enough to his back and sustained most of the damage from Izuku's punch. Todoroki quickly pulled away from the ice he had crashed into and stood up.
Izuku looked down at his hand and realised that parts of it were badly bruised 'It seems I put too much power into it' Clenching his hand a few times to get a feel of the pain, he got into a fighting stance, ready to evade what was likely to be Todoroki's next Ice Barrage.
Predictably, Todoroki sent much larger spikes towards Izuku. This time Izuku decided to jump to the side and roll away from the ice. Analysing Todoroki he saw that his skin was beginning to be covered in icy patches. 'So Endeavour hasn't changed..' Trying to lessen the now boiling fury inside of him he spoke. "Todoroki if you really want to beat me you're going to have to use every single part of your quirk!" Todoroki suddenly looked at him with a cold glare. "I'll never use that Old Man's quirk! Did my father put you up to this?" He pointed at Endeavour who was currently looking at Shoto with a dissecting glare. Izuku had to restrain laughing at the stupidity of that statement. "His quirk? His quirk is HellFire! Your quirk isn't Hellfire is it?! It's both ice and fire. It's yours! Not your fathers nor your mothers just yours! If you limit yourself because of such stupid reasons you'll never become a true hero, a hero better than your father, because you'll save only half of the people you could without restraints!" He had enough. He wasn't going to let Todoroki's father limit his capabilities. He hadn't let his own family do so.
In a state of shock, fire erupted from Todoroki's left side. A satisfied glint appeared in Izuku's eyes before they widened in fear as the fire headed directly towards him. 'OFA 10%!' He thought as he punched the air infront of him. A large burst of wind sent the fire reeling backwards before it dispersed, revealing Todoroki whose shirt had been burnt almost entirely. "SHOTOOOOO! You've finally accepted yourself as a part of my family! Im glad you've finally seen reason son!"Endeavour walked down the steps and towards the rails of where the audience were seated. Izuku turned to look at him with a look which radiated pure hate but decided to ignore him. Quickly recovering, Todoroki then released the largest amount of ice he could, quickly engulfing the entire arena. Izuku looked up as the quickly approaching ice loomed over him. 'Shit.' He thought before pouring most of his energy into his legs and arms. Izuku jumped into the ice, OFA coursing in a violent wave through his body, and burrowed through it at a rapid speed before arriving at the other end and punching the centre of Todoroki's stomach. Todoroki was launched backwards, out of the arena and into the wall, a loud crash echoing as the concrete shattered behind him. Once the smoke cleared, Izuku could be seen barely being able to stand on his legs, one of his arms was purple and hanging limply by his side whilst his other one was doing its best to support the wounded one. The crowd couldn't contain their cheers and started chanting Izuku's name. "Winner: IZUKU MIDORIYA!" Announced Mic, pure shock in his voice.

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