I'm Gonna See a Brighter Day

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Scene 1:
Pileus 300

(TV channels flicking through, brief static, then TV commercial music)

Aubriana: Are you, Jolly?
Elfie: Well, I'm sure not Holly. But I do have a lot of "Elf-esteem." (Laughs)
I'm Elfie. The Ruler of "Elf Land."
Aubriana: And I'm Aubriana, but you can "treat yo' 'elf" by calling me Aubree.
Elfie: (laughs) Let's repeat that later. Aubriana is fine. It's a pleasure to meet you. Are you an elf too?

Aubree: Do you see my ears?
Of course, I'm an Elf.
Elfie: I'm sorry. That was a silly question.
I almost forgot the "elf-apbet."

Aubree: It's okay. But I am a fairy too. You must be here to do the special announcement from "Claws Castle" with me.

Elfie: Yes. I'm right at your service! There's nothing better to do than some Charity work on a bright, sunny day.
So...You're a fairy and an Elf, huh? You must have some really good genes.
You're not the typical Jollylander.
Where shall I speak?

Aubree: Here. We can share this microphone right there. No need to be "elfish."

Elfie: Queen Dita is so excited for this. Kids everywhere are just going to scream in excitement.
My dear, Are you ready?
I'm kind of in a hurry. Will you be delivering the hat with me too?

Aubree: Yes, I believe in my 'Elf!
Santa's got a brand new hat. We will deliver it to the North Pole in our chariot.
So without further adieu,
Let's deliver the good news.

(Quiet on the set)
(1,2,3 action)

Elfie: We interrupt this programming to bring you a special announcement from Jollyland & The North Pole.

Aubree: Have you been a good boy or girl?
Elfie: Or maybe you're a parent of a good kid.
Aubree: We'll listen very closely. It's 1995 and Santa Claus is about to have a brand new hat.

Elfie: Which will, in fact, make this Christmas a good Christmas and a Christmas to remember.

Aubree: Santa Claus will have enhanced super powers and it's all because of Pileus 300!

Elfie: Cap of Mithra. Santa's new hat.
Made just for him, so that *you* can receive more gifts under your Christmas tree.

Aubree: If there's one thing that you can't replace — It's Saint Nicholas. Isn't that right?

Elfie: (laughs) Unless your name is Santa Claus.

Aubree: Or Kris Kringle.
Elfie: Kris, who? (Pauses)
Aubree: How about them Pine trees?
Elfie: Anyways, with Pileus 300, Santa Claus will complete deliveries with precise location and accuracy.

Aubree: All of Santa's 5 senses will increase.
Supersonic sight and hearing will help him distinguish who's been good or bad.

Elfie: He will be able to alter his appearance and/or people or things.

Aubree: He will be able to levitate up chimneys with more ease and his power of longevity will be stronger than ever!

Elfie: He will be finally able to teleport and generate snow where he may go.
(Says to herself) Wow, that's kind of amazing.

Aubree: So by golly
Elfie: Get jolly.
Aubree: Pileus 300 is here.
Elfie: Cap of Mithra.
Guaranteed to give you a good Christmas this year.

Aubree: Ad Sponsored by Jollyland and The Vocalizers.

Elfie: (Very fast) Disclaimer: Not may be suitable for children over 18. Subject to good kids only. Behavioral discipline is advised.

Aubree: And now, back to the show!

Scene 2:
The TV Parent Scene


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