Chapter 17~ Gaara VS Suzume!

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Suzume's POV

"You WHAT?" I questioned.

Gaara closed his eyes. "A shinobi must always be ready to take on a challenge, no matter what circumstance. In this case, you're at a disadvantage. You're running through sand, and you must get through my barrier before you even try to reach me," He said simply, his eyes now open.

I opened my mouth to speak, but he continued.

"Also at your disadvantage, is that you're running low on chakra. Terrain, jutsu, and your physical well being are all things that may be against you during a mission, where you will have to fight. This will only do you good. I promise not to kill you."

I took in a deep breath. "Okay. " murmured to myself, getting myself into a stance. I'm not sure if he's going to attack, or wait for me.

After a few long seconds of nothing, I decided to draw back a few yards, and try a long range attack. After his ordeal with Lee, he is aware of his taijutsu weakness. I summoned a huge stream of air just like his sand, and hurled it at him. Although I was giving it everything I had, the air didn't seem to have as much chakra as it usually has.

I still was no match for Gaara. He just uncrossed his arms and stood there like all my effort was no big deal.

After a little while my knees started shaking again, but I had to stay up, or he could easily pin me down with the sand at my feet. How is this for my own good?

Hikari's POV

I heard some weird noises coming from the forest. We weren't training with Kakashi sensei today, and it was just me and Sasuke.

"Did you hear that?" I asked him. "In the forest."

He stopped to listen. "Yeah," He said coolly. I grabbed his wrist.

"We're going to check it out," I said, entering the woods.

After a few minutes of walking, we came across two people. I recognized them to be Temari and Kankuro. The one with the face paint spoke first.

"You twerps don't happen to know where Gaara and Suzume are, do you?" He asked.

"Twerps?!" Sasuke growled. "I'll show you-"

"Idiot!" I said, punching him in the arm. I turned to Kankuro. "No, but we heard a sound in the woods, so we're going to check it out."

Temari and Kankuro started mumbling under their breaths, immediately talking off after the noise. I followed, Sasuke not far behind. It wasn't long before we saw what was going on.

I just stared there, and Sasuke's eyes widened. Temari gasped, and Kankuro gritted his teeth.

What were they doing?

Temari's POV

Good thing we saw what was going on as soon as we did!

Kankuro's POV

What do they think they're doing?

Gaara's POV

I clenched my jaw, as Suzume sent another gust of air at me, stirring up the sand- filled wind around us. I easily blocked it with sand. Neither of us had landed a scratch on each other, and I've use a decent amount of chakra. It's just been back and forth, each strike getting blocked.

Suddenly, Suzume thrust out her arm, breathing heavily. A huge wave of green air made its way to me. I quickly shielded the blow with a wall of sand. I heard quiet whispers from around me, but I could find out who it was now. I had told Suzume to come at me like she wanted to kill me, and she was doing just that.

Kill her. Think of the blood.

I tried my best to block that out of my head. I felt the force of the air wave push against my sand, then slowly weaken.

My sand wall collapsed. With a woosh, Suzume sent one final blow, her wobbly knees barely holding her up. The huge stream of wind flew through the air to my position, and I countered it with sand.

For what seemed like forever we stood there, both getting weaker and more tired by the second.

"What are you doing?" Kankuro's voice boomed.

We both stopped in our tracks- her wind dissolving, my sand returning to my gourd. I tried to move, but both of our unscathed bodies were immobilized.

Then, someone emerged from behind a bush. It was Hikari Mizuki, the Leaf village Genin from the exams. She had both our arms extended.

She smirked. "Funny, how I could kill you both right now."

Suzume gritted her teeth, and closed her eyes. From exhaution or something else, I don't know.

Looks like we still have control of our face and mouth, but everything else wouldn't move, no matter how much I willed it to. Not my hands, not my fingers, not my legs. Nothing but my face.

With sweat dripping from her face, Suzume sent one last puff of wind. Kankuro then appeared, with his arms crossed.

"You. Both. Home. NOW." He demanded, motioning to Hikari to let us go. Once I could move again, I reluctantly walked back home with Kankuro and Temari, Suzume just behind me.

* * *

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