No One Gets Left Behind

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I Alice Smith have heard the stories about the "madman in a box" for years. I belived them and still do, though its been years since the last official sitings of him around here i still have hope ill meet him one day. Maybe he can take me away from this torture i call my life. A life where i dont fit in and get teased everyday for being who i am. I know that he wouldnt be ashamed of me. Why would he? Were so much alike. We dont stick around one place for too long. Me being in foster care, which need i say is a constant reminder that no one wants me, allows me to move around fast. Its made me realize that nothing is really permanent.

Ive had dreams about him ever since the day ive heard of him. Lately though they seem to be getting more and more frequent, like the contractions of pregnancy. Only in this case im not sure why they are occuring so often. I dream of him taking me away in his T.A.R.D.I.S. A blue police telephone box able to travel anywhere in time and space. Taking me back to see the dinosaurs. Taking me foreward to see the death of our plane Earth. But thats all they are right now, dreams.

As you can probably tell my temporary family of Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins are having me see a therapist for my "problem." One day theyll see how right i  was. one day. Although my therapist doesnt believe what i say either, she atleast tried coping with it and understanding it. Which is the most anyone has ever done but shes paid to do it right? Of course being the fost care child i am of 16 being relocated around the country since i was 8 we also talk about how thats affecting me. I clearly stopped giving a fuck that no one stuck around that long after the first year, thats also when the crying stopped, when i stopped getting attached to people so easy.

theres a beating on the door which wakes me form my thought filled daze. I look at the clock. 12:34. who would be knocking on the door at this time. i walk downstairs, to my dismay when i open the door no one is there. i close the door, before its fully shut i notice the slip of paper on the ground. i pick it up and walk back up to my room, closing and locking the door behind me. i open the slit and the words are written in fine crafted hamdwriting, "I dont believe in coincidences, and neither do you Alice Smith." Thats all that was written, but what does it mean? was it talking about the dreams? the fact that i dont fit in? what?


i know its a tad bit short but this is my first story, like? dislike? tell me what you think so far,

how do you thin the Doctor should be introduced?

thanks for reading studdly muffins ^_^  x

~ time lord zombie leader!

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