Shocked, Klaus stared at the brunette with his mouth slightly open, as he was taken back by her comment. Not only was Klaus shocked and silent everyone else was too. How ever they were even more shocked how Klaus brushed past it and didn't hurt her

Instead Klaus got up and gestured the rest to get up too "Here's my offer, I won't leave mystic falls but I won't terrorize any of you, but you have to leave her alone and let her fall in hove with a human. They'll marry have a nice life and pop out a perfect family continuing the doppelgänger bloodline. Deal?"

He walked over to Stefan and held his hand out expecting him to say deal, but when he didn't Klaus held his arm over the fire place and Elijah slammed Damon on the wall leaving Zeara in the middle of the room. She quickly waved her hands throwing both Mikaelson brother on the ground and once they stood up Klaus just smirked "Brought your little magic out I see. Bring me my coffin before it gets a lot worse"

Not liking what he said Zeara gave him a side eye and her mother side came out "Uh try that again and don't threaten me or my friends. Just because you're a hybrid doesn't mean your immune to magic, and it doesn't mean you can speak to women however you want. Now try that again and ask nicer." Staring at her Klaus was stunned before he realized she was dead serious and literally wanted him to ask nicer.

"Are you serious? Love I'm not asking aga--"

Immediately cutting his sentence off the witch gave a smug smile and shrugged "Yes you are, now ask nicer." Huffing he rolled his eyes and acknowledged she wasn't going to let him he the coffin until he asked nicer

"May I please have my coffin now?" His tone made him sound annoyed and sarcastic but that was good enough for Zeara. She helped Stefan up and told Damon to get the coffin and he and Elijah left, but not really

They came back very quickly and Zeara sensed something was about to happen she stood closer to Stefan and watched as Elijah revealed two daggers. Right after a man with brown hair who looked pretty similar stood next to Elijah whilst another man with brown shaggy hair dressed like a pirate came and stabbed Klaus in the hand with the smaller sword prototype

As Klaus tried turning around and speeding away Rebekah stabbed him in the stomach "This is for lying to me about mother." The blonde plunged the dagger in her brothers stomach

Watching uncomfortably, Zeara tapped Stefan's arm and began walking toward the door "We don't need to be here for this and you already got burned tonight so let's go."

He agreed and they left without saying another word. But as they left the family feud inside continued. Elijah was currently discussing how they were going to leave Klaus while they all left

"That's right, we're leaving you Nik. But away I kill that dopplebitch. Then you will be alone, always and forever."

Klaus felt upset. He daggered his family to keep them safe so they could all be together at last, but they didn't understand that and didn't care to "If you run I will hunt all of you down. Ok I'm the hybrid, I can't be killed! I have nothing to fear from any of you" He shouted trying to mask his genuine guilt

But he was right he didn't have to read his siblings, it was an individual who killed once before. The front door open making everyone's head turn and there stood their mother

She walked towards Klaus as everyone was appalled "Look at me, do you know why I'm here?" Looking directly down small tears grew in Klaus' eyes as he answered back in a mere whisper "You're here to kill me."

Shaking her head she put her hands on his shoulders "Niklaus you are my son, and I am here to forgive you." She turned back to face the rest of her children "I want us to be a family again, which is why we'll host a ball this Saturday."

Even though she said she wanted to be a family again, words can mean nothing


ok lots to unpack here!

First off omg I'm back, with lots of chapters on the way!!

Second Zeara literally slayed so hard, and Xila said her first word!!!!!

Also Klaus remembered her birthday and gave her flowersssssss. Also notice and how he sounded shy ahhhhh 😩

and lastly, THE MIKAELSON BALL IS NEXTTTTT!!!!! I don't think y'all know how excited I am!! Like this is literally what I've waited for and this is my absolute fav episode

I am so sorry about the delay but I want to sincerely thank you all for sticking around and read my book. It's crazy to think I started this for fun and kept going for you guys.

Thank you all so much I love you, enjoy reading!!! <3

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