Spoodermen and Me

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Now yall know my face shape :)

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Now yall know my face shape :)

This was actually supposed to be a sticker/ wallpaper but i gave it a background so im giving it another for the wallpaper.

Btw my ipad is connected to my dads phone so now he got random marvel cast photos and a few selfies and mirror pics of me. So in the middle of watching Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian he asked me why there are photos of the marvel cast in his camera roll and why I sent some to him. I just said for a drawing and he just walked away.

Also why am I getting feelings for Peter (wow another Peter i like) and Caspian... okay hope you like the drawing :)

Buh Bye 👋

P.S. dont ask about the hands i tries to free draw them and gave up in the middle...

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