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(Credits to the person who edited this photo, i love you)

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(Credits to the person who edited this photo, i love you)

𝕿he next day, i'm woken up with the reminder that today is the last hogsmede visit before we go home Christmas. I wake up to Bella rushing around the dorm,

"Where is it, where is it, where is it?" She keeps repeating over and over.

"Are you by any chance searching for anything Bella?" I asked innocently gaining a snort from Ember as she looks in our directions from doing her mascara.

A glare from Bella in response not to say anymore on the issue, I stretch out and decided to get ready for the day. I walk over the my wardrobe pulling out a dark green satin dress, black fur coat and black healed boots. Mother would never approve of me wearing anything else, and if I was to wear my choice of clothing just around the grounds that would be one thing but we could run into anyone in Hogsmede, so I have to look like the "young lady" I am.

"Found it!" Bella shouted holding up her other shoe before casually sitting on her bed. I feel her eyes on me and turn towards her.

"Who's hoodie is that?"

"What hoodie?" I responded, trying to confuse her out of learning the truth. To be honest I had completely forgotten I was wearing Regulus' hoodie.

"The hoodie you are wearing that's drowning you"

Ember turns around from the mirror again, walking towards me, she eyes the hoodie and smirks, "I know who's hoodie that is"

"Ah who's is it Ember?" Arabella squeals in excitement

I close my eyes and bite my lip, knowing they are going to jump to conclusions about this when it's really no big deal.

"It's Regulus'"

"What?!" Exclaimed Bella "I thought you hated him"

"How did you know?" I asked, mortified she figured it out so quickly.

"It's the only person's initials I know that are R.A.B"

"What do you mean initials?"

"They are sewed onto your sleeve, I would have thought you would have noticed that"

"What- no, damn it Regulus" I huff out in frustration, peering at the initials engraved into my sleeve, he probably planned for this to happen.

"So are you two together now or?" Arabella questioned "since when did you get along, wearing his hoodie is a big de-"

"No, we are not together. We were just in the Astronomy Tower and he noticed I was cold and gave it to me, stop giving me that look Ember you know I can make something fly at your head"

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