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The first time Jennie kissed Rosie was when she was sixteen and Rosie was fifteen in their badly lit dorm room.

It was sloppy and awkward but it was perfect.

At that moment, with their laughter echoing throughout the small room and their eyes reflecting a newfound happiness, Jennie figured she was destined to fall.

At sixteen, Jennie knew she was too young to know what love was. But every time Rosie laughed, Jennie also knew that she was one step closer to figuring it all out.

Despite everything, Jennie kept it all to herself. Even after their first kiss, Jennie never brought it up—and Rosie didn't either. Jennie was glad. She didn't think she was ready to have that conversation.

Still, her and Rosie kept the secret glances, the longing stares, and the kisses shared when it was just the two of them in their shared room (on the top bunk, just in case someone was able to enter despite the locked door).

They were never going to become an actual couple. Jennie knew this. Dating was prohibited, let alone dating someone of the same gender. But she figured that the fleeting moment of happiness whenever night time came wouldn't hurt if nobody was to ever find out.

When Jennie lost Rosie in the end, Jennie didn't let herself cry because she knew it was coming; their relationship was doomed from the start.

It was an unspoken ending that Jennie had foreseen the moment Rosie kissed her back that first time. (No matter how hard Jennie tried to change the ending, she couldn't).


Rosie met Jennie when she was thirteen and Jennie was fourteen. Jennie was there to speak English with her when no one else would and Jennie was there to comfort her when thunderstorms came and she was shivering under the sheets.

Since the first day they met, Rosie knew that Jennie would be someone important to her—she didn't know how , but Rosie had a feeling that Jennie was going to be someone to her. And that became true with the way Jennie was always there at every important moment of Rosie's life.

After Rosie's first monthly evaluations, when one of the judges told her she was too stiff and she ran to her room crying, Jennie was there to hold her. The first time Rosie felt so homesick she felt physically sick, Jennie was there to distract her with walks along the Han River and silly jokes and goofy faces.

And the day all four members of Blackpink decided to go their separate ways, Jennie was there to hold her hand the entire ride back to their apartment from the YG building.

The only time Jennie wasn't there was when Rosie left for New York, and it was because Rosie specifically asked her not to come.

Jennie texted her that day, but Rosie didn't reply. And for five years that text was the last thing Rosie had from Jennie. Rosie figured it was for the best.

jennie: safe flight rosie

jennie: i love you

jennie: i always will


Jennie moved to Los Angeles a month after Rosie left. Rosie was off to a fresh start, she wanted—no, she needed to do the same.

Everyone wondered what happened between the two of them that made Rosie uproot her entire life to another country, and with the most shocking revelation that Jennie wasn't coming with her.

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