La Familia Madrigal

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The morning sun shined through the covers of an open window, giving light to the dark room of a teen who snored loudly. After a few minutes of inhaling and exhaling the girl choked on air and groggily woke up. Woke up and immediately hissed in pain as the sunlight blinded her eyes.

An alarm soon blared which woke her up even more with annoyance. She soon sat up from her bed with an obvious bed hair, scratching her hand into the tangles she again hissed in pain as the alarm clock.

The clock that she place above her head on a shelf which she thought was stable enough. Instead of the shelf it was the clock that wasn't stable at all and gave her morning self a whooping in the head.

"F***ng, s****ng, b****ng AAAAAAA."

The teen could only groan the throbbing pain she scratched in. Brushing her hair away from her face, she went and dressed for the day. Wanting to look sosyal for her first day out in the towns hall, she wore the long red dress skirt she was gifted with as well as a white top. Her short hair tucked away from her face by a matching red bandana.

Swerving down the stairs by the railings, she made her move to the kitchen dine which where her father was with her little sister in his arms as he cooked eggs and bacon.

The teen greeted her papa goodmorning with a chirp, "Goodmorning papa." Smiling widely as she can. "Goodmorning [Y/n], did you brush your teeth? Or put on deodorant, go wash your face too and hands. Did you get enough sleep like you're supposed to do and not stay up late over thinking of anything at all?" Though it was a lot he said, instead of a simple morning. The girl was used to it.

He always reminded her of things she should do since she sometimes forgets or goes and don't do it anyways. But today, "Yes, done, done and done. And I did sleep the right amount of time, papa." She was extra energized and ready for the day.

Her father looked back at her with a surprised look, squinting his eyes at the girl jokingly he says "Who are you and what did you do to my daughter." His daughter only chuckled at his joking manner and took the baby off of his hands to let him cook more efficiently.

"Goodmorning bunso." Little [S/n], her baby sister was still fast asleep in her arms. They could never be five feet apart from her or else she'll be crying like a loud lamb, can't have miss Dolores keeping her hands on her ears for the rest of the night or day.

[Y/n] can't help but smile softly at her sister's small calm sleeping face as she held the little baby in her arms. She had only looked up to the sound of soft clinking plates and cups that were gently placed down the table. She dove in and sat down in front of her papa who had his hands out for the baby.

His daughter gave the baby back to his empty hands and soon dived in for breakfast. Eggs and bacon for the win.

Before she could stand up and go out, her father whistled and stopped her. "Now, don't leave just yet. Aren't you forgetting something?" Dramatically groaning, she went and kissed both her dad and baby sister on the cheek and forehead and saying I love you's right away, sprinting to the front door while snatching away a satchel on her way out.

"If boys ever try to make a move on you, kick their butts like how I told you, okaaaay?"

[Encanto La Village]

"Moving through! Sorry- ah- padaan po!"

Passing and dodging stuff that was in the way, [Y/n] managed her way through the busy town filled with people working till she found a clearing right on the other side of the village. Where the La Casita Madrigal stood tall, this was the second time she has ever seen it in person and it looked essentric as ever.

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