Hey guys!!!


(2 days later @ home)

Ashley-omg two kids are so hard

Zayn-i kno 

Ashley-i guess we could bring thm in here

Zayn- ya but who wouldnt to sleep in my awesome winnie the pooh romm tht i painted

AShley-i dont kno dear but lets dicuss tht in the morning


Ashley-honey wake up

Zayn- whats wrong

Ashley-nothin its like 11 

Zayn-im srry for sleepin in

Ashley-honey its fine u needed it and ur mom is here


Zayns mom-hi honey

Zayn-hi mom


Mom-where is my little granddaughter and grandson

Zayn-in the living room in their pack in play

Ashley-they a monsters

Mom- well hello victoria and zayn how are u 

Zayn- o lord more baby talk

Mom-zan shut up and Ashley how r u 

Ashley-i great. 

Mom-well u to better be off then


Mom-u 2 are goin out for ths day



hey guys

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