Chapter 21

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      Sometimes you can't do everything alone. You need someone on your side, but when people have to choose sides. You may end up all alone


Normally when custody battles take place or start up lawyers notify each other about their client trying to get custody, but Zeara didn't have a lawyer

So of course she was humiliated by a guy in a suit knocking on her door and telling her she had to go to court for custody of Xila


Flashback 3 days ago

Xila was on her playmate crawling around and giggling as her mother watch her and read a book

It was silent and two days after homecoming, when a knock interrupted their silence

Opening it Zeara saw a random man in a suit with a yellow packet. The teen girl looked at him cautiously as he handed her the packet

"Hello, I am the lawyer of Caroline Forbes and Tyler Lockwood. I would like to inform you that in a week you have to go to court. My clients have filed custody over the child Xila Velesco-Lockwood. I understand you don't have a lawyer and you are allowed one. You also need people to testify. My clients also are required at least one person to testify. Thank you and have a good day."

As the brunette watch the man walk away she closed the door and was met with her daughter still playing with toys. She felt tears swell up in her eyes as she realized her daughter was going to be taken away from her. She didn't know how severely this was going to be but it was going to be intense

She slowly walked over to her daughter and sat with her just admiring the beautiful girl she had birthed. Taking in these moments was going to be hard but she had to

The teen also had to find a lawyer, luckily when she told Stefan about all this he had compelled her one


In the present time, the witch was currently crying in her car. She had just finished her meeting with her lawyer and by the looks of it she wasn't going to win, and she knew it

The thing is her lawyer knew it too, it's not like Zeara has done anything illegal but they both knew Tyler and Caroline were going to play dirty to get what they wanted

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