La La Land

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La La Land


I don't like mornings. Mom says I get it from Daddy. Daddy says I'm just lazy. He's probably right. I don't like doing a lot of things, especially if they involve anything requiring effort.

"Kiara, wake up!"

Mornings annoy me. I mean, why wake up in the morning? Why can't school start at a more reasonable hour, like noon or something?

"Kiara Michelle Waters!"

"I'm getting up, mom!"

After a lot (and I mean a lot) of effort, I crawled out of my warm, comfy bed and began my morning ritual, starting with the bathroom.

"Kiara, hurry up!"

"I'm going, mom!"

My mom enjoys annoying me. She really does.

"Well move faster. It's not my fault that you went to bed late and overselpt!"

Woosah, Kiara, Woosah.

I did what I needed to do into the bathroom before going back to my room and getting ready for school. I put on a plan white tee and jean skirt with a pink hoodie over and black converses. Notice how nothing I wear matches.


"I'm right behind you!"

My mom jumps back.

"Kiara, are you trying to give me a heart attack! And what took you so long? Never mind, just get in the car. I'll drive you to school."

Ah, Mom. Just gotta love her.

Mom drops me off at school five minutes before the late bell rings. I run to my locker, put my stuff away, and ran to homeroom, all before the bell rang.



My bestest friend in the whole world, Mikah ran over to me and sat in the seat next to me.

"Hey, Kiki," she says. Mikah and I make a great pair. We're both crazy and random. I'm taller than her, though. Acually, most people are, as Mikah is only 5'1''. I'm 5'6''. Mr. Henson, our homeroom teacher, starts to take attendence. No one is paying him any mind. No one ever does.

"So, what was it today, Kiki?" Mikah asks.

"Oh, the usual."

Which for me can mean anything.

"Did you bring The Book?"

Mikah and I have been working on the book since sixth grade. It started out as just some random idea. We had been playing some fantasy game that belonged to Mikah's older brother, Paul. It was then that we came up with the idea to make up our own fantasy world. Mikah wanted to call it Fabbyfabfabulasitia (Yeah. I'm not kidding). I opted for the name Edenwood. I won. And thus, The Book was born. It's where we write anything Edenwood related. It's like a giant rpg. I take an overly sparkled book out of my bag and hand it to Mikah.

"Have it back by lunch?"

"Of course!"

The bell rings and we head to class.

It's hard to find the point where an adventure begins. I mean, really begins. Some of the greatest adventures of all time have no definite beginnings. Most epic adventure’s aren’t even planed. They just happen. As I walked out of homeroom to go to class, I had no idea that the greatest adventure of my life was about to begin.

Would you?

 ~Author's Note~

Hi this is my firt story on Wattpad *giggles*. I'm kinda nerves but excited at the same time. Read and Review, please!


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