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"I'm everything you can't control."


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I peer out the window of the ship curious what entails for us on the blue planet we are coming up to, I enjoyed Olympia. It was beautiful. I was comfortable there. It's our home. Ajak said we will return when our celestial believes it's our time, our time to return home.

Ikaris says "Beautiful right?" He waits for my response to his bore of a question.

I look to him for a brief second then walk away without another word, no answer to his question. Why is he such a try hard? It's bothersome.

What is not noticed is Druig watching us, more specifically him watching me

He tends to always watch my actions, along with his constant listening to my conversations with others

Sersi looks to Ikaris and says "It's very beautiful." Someone is giving him the attention he nearly begs for.

I think the blue planet just looks weak, unevolved. Unprotected. But who's to say it isn't, we're going to it for a reason. To protect them because clearly someone has to.

The warriors of the eternals, rather than the thinkers exit the ship, with orders to do as we always do, kill deviants, protect the humans and each other.

I stand beside Thena ready to fight

I enjoy fighting alongside Thena. She's a strong warrior who knows how to hold her own, plus she's pretty easy on the eyes if I'm being honest. Druig usually joins us in these fights with the deviants but there isn't much mind control needed currently. It's a shame really, I enjoy his sarcasm and teasing towards Ikaris who has an ego the size of the sun

No pun intended.

Maybe slightly intended

Speaking of Druig, I don't understand why he watches and protects me at any given chance, the times that I have caught him staring at me he immediately averts his gaze to whatever item of food he had on hand. He tends to eat a lot, good for him. Food is delicious I don't blame him. But I do have questions how he just immediately controls hundreds or thousands with just his mind in seconds, does he have to see them to control them?

I suppose these are questions I should be asking the handsome man. Maybe Druig stares because he enjoys my company and my stunningly beautiful personality. Realistically, he probably just sees me as a little sister to him or something along those lines.

I see a man eaten by a deviant on the rocks below and I dive head first off the cliff to tackle it away from the young child. Successfully pulling the deviant away from the shore allows room to save the others

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